Friday, July 20, 2007

Golden Sands Reunion

Okie, to be fair, must post pics of my primary sch reunion that I went to yesterday evening, haha. Luckily wasn't rotting at home again... hehe.

Unfortunately, I was dressed very simply (read: ugly) coz I didn't bring many clothes back to penang. All my nice clothes at kl... hehe.

Oops, digressed. Tried to work my photoshop magic once again but this is the best I can do. What to do, it was a bad appearance day for me! :P

We went to the Golden Sands beach to watch the sunset and talk... then after that it was dinner at some hawker stall. Main activity was talking and camwhoring I guess. Ah, I wasn't in my usual camwhoring mood... spity. (sucha a pity!)

Let the pics do the talking once again!

Back row (L-R): lynn ju, qiao wen, hui hui, tze yang

Front row (L-R): moi, chie min, qin quan, li keat

Notice the pretty sunset in the background! Pity I don't have a camera, I'm sure I cud have taken some nice shots! =)

Yeah, The Ship which is not exactly a ship after all. It's a restaurant.

Nothing new to me, since I'm a penang 'lang' after all. haha.

Now, this is what I call creativity! I like this one. Shadows can be pretty too! ^v^

Last group photo! This one really nice! All look so happy~!

Beaches in penang aren't that bad after all, eh? hoho.

It has been a very looooong time since we last meet up. It was fun to see some of you guys again. All of us prettier and handsomer eh? *wink wink* Summore quite a few got gf/bf ade lo.. lol. Funny teasing u guys. :P

It's definitely a pity that only so few of us turned up. It'd be nice to see everyone else again... Wonder how are you guys doing. :)

But it was also definitely a pleasure to discuss med stuff with some of them. Erm yeah, you guessed right. A lot of us here are future docs to be. Don't ask me why. lol. I might be going to some of their unis too! Who knows what the future holds for us. =)

Although it was awkward at times [heck, after years of not meeting and not keeping in contact, what do you expect?!], I guess I still had fun catching up with you guys. All the best in your future ya!

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