Saturday, July 14, 2007

Omg! A Miracle

Alright, time to update you guys abt how I did.

Since you're seeing me here the next day, I assume that you can guess that I did okay. And you're right!

Yesh, I passed!! ^v^

Omg!! I was so so happy yesterday when I tore open my result slip and saw this: "Congratulations! You have passed the End of Semester 3 Examination."

Can you believe this? I was SO delirious & relieved that I started crying/jumping in public!! Something that I tot I'd never do, but it was just that the emotions just overwhelmed me that I felt the need to express them straightaway.

I'm happy that all the mental torture is over. Finally. The stress & anxiety preparing for the exam and waiting for the results were getting to me. I really need to learn how to handle stress better. Which means more consistent studying! =)

I'm so glad that I didn't let my family especially my parents down. They were putting a lot of hopes in me. I'm just so glad. For once, I'm at a loss of words to express my happiness. Just know that I'm freaking damn happy [pls insert other adjectives for 'glad' yourself]!!

Now I know that miracles really do happen. To me, this is like a miracle. Coz not only I passed, I did relatively better than I cud ever imagined! And can you believe this, ALL my good frenz passed?!! It's almost too unbelievable to be true. My wish came true... I can't believe it! =D

Thank you, the powers above! I'll try to amass more good karma from now on! Yay~

And yeah, a lot of ppl passed too. So the rumour remained a rumour after all, phew. Congrats to those who passed and gambate to those who are going for the resit! We must continue to fight on as a batch! M106 rocks! Whoo-hoo!

Dreams do come true if you work for it. I'll go to bed feeling happy for a few days. ^v^ Time for a happy sleep! toodles!

PS: Can you believe that so coincidentally we're supposed to get our results on Friday the 13th? I didn't even notice the "bad" omen. Luckily there was no bad fate after all. phew.


Anonymous said...

1st caput medusae!

Anonymous said...

congratulation! tot tat ur result might b not too good coz u kept complaining the paper was tough n things like u might fail... but wah u r reli smart la,wat a good result!

eh,wat's the feeling of singing in the transparent cube??kee ping loves singing now...

Zzzyun said...

haha u are zherlin izzit? ur last statement gave u away, coz only 3 of us went. haha.

singing in the transparent cube quite cool eh, but the sound system not very good lah..

and thks for the wishes! i really tot the paper was tough, was deadly afraid tat i might fail eh.

lucky there was a miracle and somehow i passed. thk god all our frenz passed too. ^v^