Sunday, July 22, 2007

In The Midst of Magic

Am currently tearing thru the last Harry Potter book.

Wanting to finish the book without any spoilers. But I think I'd failed. Coz unable to resist the dangerous temptation of the internet, I'd surfed a few blogs that I tot were 'safe'.

Manatau, crz... aih. I tersaw a major spoiler in your latest post. It just appeared without any sort of warning! *huge sigh* Just hope it isn't true. Coz maybe you're joking, right? (Nope, don't tell me!! Do NOT comment! Let me finish first!!)

Luckily, my tendency towards blood and gore has become milder over the years. I did not feel that rage that has almost consumed me a few years ago, when the same thing happened. Or maybe my fanaticism has subsided over the years. Yeah, that must be it. hehe.

But whatever lah. The story is still GOOD. Yesh, ppl, Rowling seems to have regain her magic touch with this book. Always keep the best for the last eh? =)

Let's hope the rest of the book has the same magic. yeah, note the pun. hehe.

Just in case you guys are wondering why I'm here instead of reading the book, well I'm just taking a break. And having my usual daily online chatting session. And guess what, it isn't easy planning a trip after all! blek. So many things to take into account. I pening ade. @.@

Alright, I guess this is all. I might review the book in my later posts, but no worries, I'll definitely put a warning sign before I start my rambles. Now, that is what I call the sacred code of honour among all bookreaders.

Btw, the HP movie was not bad. I like this new director! I might review it too... if I have the time (wait, all I have now is time. it's the holidays. -_-) So just wait ya, guys!

Anyway, gotta go now. Book is ... calling to me. I can't ... resist!

And oh yeah, my reading speed is slow but improving exponentially. :P Only a Harry Potter book would be able to do that eh. hehe.


pinksterz said...

i always have to read the ending of any book before starting to read it from page 1. i am weird. haha.

Zzzyun said...

ooo really? i guess it's just curiosity eh. i've read the last line too, coz just can't bear the suspense. hehe...

but normally i try to avoid knowing the ending first lah..