Friday, July 21, 2006

A Day Out

Went out the whole day yesterday! *phew* Exhausted... Seems like I've more stamina to partyyyy in KL then in Penang leh.. Wonder why..

Reached coll early in the morning. Yupz, to visit my coll lecturers and hang out with some coll frenz! :D We visited Galileong, Leela, Mr.Goh and Meow... Chatted lo. They asked how we're doing etc. But they're still the same old lecturers. Haha. Missed them a lot.

Some reminising in order:~

Hey, coll mates, rmb how Galileong used to "tease" us when no one dared to look at him and were "busy" scribbling answers when he started asking Qs?? He was SO right then... Haha. But then I later made it a point to look him in the eye and he only asked me Qs occasionally. So there! lol. But he was a GREAT lecturer. You can't help respecting him a lot. :)

Then, there was one occasion when Leela asked me to answer a very simple Q but I couldn't coz I totally blanked out during class. Hey, moi is a good student, the only reason I zonked out that day was becoz it so happens to be my bday that day! Imagine my horror surprise when she started singing a birthday song for me (with full orchestrating motions okay!!) in front of the whole class! o.O Click here if you're kaypo and wanna know more. :P

Okay, enough reminising. Time to prattle on bout my day.

Well, I also met one of my juniors there. Miss Sin! :) So nice to bump into you! Hehe. Chatted a bit but she have class lah. Hey, you should not be late for class just becoz you wanna chat with me leh! I know I'm important but still... Hehe. Okay, j/k! :P

Well, the coll mates that did come were Shea Speare (nope, not Shakespeare! lol.), Lynn Ju, Li Sha, Jun Lin and last but not least, a delayed arrival of MZ!! ^v^ So few only hor... Coz a lot went back to Australia ade.. or other places lah.

Hmm. Noticed smtg too. Those that went overseas had put on some noticeable weight leh! Coz they say the food there too nice ade! I was drooling when Lynn Ju described the hot chocolate and other delicious food there! :) *yum*

We had lunch in the Cyber Cafe in coll coz I said I miss the spaghetti there! The others missed the chop rice I guess. Haha. But the spaghetti there was so-so only, I ate my whole plate without really savouring the taste coz was too busy talking and laughing at their jokes! Keke. Same old funny MZ! [Haha, I know you will read this soon! :P Btw, you're the only one who complained bout pink words on black background leh... so I changed to this new one lo. Like it onot? lol.]

Then, we had to decide where to hang out afterwards. Coz we don't wanna go home yet ma. Hehe. At first we planned to go Redbox in Gurney Plaza wan, dunno why they decide against it later. :( But in the end, we decide to go watch Just My Luck in Gurney lo! Yayz.

But alas. It was not to be. When we reached there, the next movie was at 7pm leh! Too late ade.. Haih. So we settled for watching Recycle. [Noo, it's not a movie about the enviroment lah, lol -_-] Award-winning Malaysian actress, Lin Sin Jie was acting. *Note: My aunt taught her in high sch leh, cool* And for a scary movie (and I'm not a fan of horror movies, mind you), I tot it was pretty good. Though there was some weird parts that didn't fit into the plot, probably just to scare us silly, the best thing about it was that it carries a moral lesson at the end! Cool! So this is one horror movie that I'd recommend watching! And to think that I wasn't so keen on horror movies before. Haha.

Then it was time to go home and prepare for the bbq at night. Thanks a lot, Shea Speare, for the ride home! Hope you didn't get lost on the way to the airport. :P

Hmm. Arrived at the bbq organized by Kim Chuan a tad late. *Thanks for the invitation!* Lucky I wasn't on time anyway, coz only one girl ex-classmate was there when I arrived. Felt a bit weird coz the other guys I didn't know at all. They're his secondary sch frenz.

Isolated? A bit lah. But not his fault. He was a great host. He didn't really eat too coz was too busy being a gracious host. lol. Afterwards you pening, only you know! :P Well, moi didn't really eat a lot too, coz was a bit under the weather, just ate some of the foodstuffs ready on the table lo. Can you believe that I went to a bbq but did not eat any of the bbq stuff at all? lol. Wasn't too keen on eating the chicken (coz too mafan ade, haha) and no one was nice enough to bbq sausages for me. :(

And then my primary sch frenz arrived one by one. Chatted a bit lah, but still feel weirded out. They're a clique in school, and the topics they chatted about, I'm not so ngam lah. What to do, different frequency ma.. So long didn't meet ade, summore they went overseas for sometime ade, of coz everything changed ade lah. Or maybe I'm just a more down-to-earth person kua.

Btw, a lot of my primary and high school mates are doing medicine leh..! I wonder how many are in it for the passion or the status or the money (boy, are they going to be disappointed! Doctors MAY, i repeat, MAY earn quite a tidy sum but they don't have much time to enjoy it..)

But who am I judge ppl? I'm not really sure why I am doing this course either, except for the very vague notion that I really really want to help other ppl. At least it's not for the money. Ha. That I know.

Nvm, that Q will haunt us throughout our years of doing medicine I guess. *mused look*

Anyway, went home about 10:30pm. First time I wanna go home early during a party! lol. Tired plus a bit bored ma. Whatever. Guess that is what happens during weird reunion parties? Aikz.

The only thing that doesn't change is that things change.

At least I enjoyed myself the early part of the day! (^o^)v

Mental note to self:
Must try to keep in touch with old frenz more!! I need msn for that! Internet pls~!!


mz said...

yea...the back ground is much better =)
good job ziyun and nice seeing ya again..will be going back this sat night so take care ya!

Zzzyun said...

haha, glad that u like the new background! :) must be better on ur poor eyes! :P

anyway, nice meeting up with you take care too, and do try to lose some of that weight! lol. exercise more! wakaka...