Saturday, July 29, 2006

Orientation Officer = Moi

Yayz! I'm going to be an OO (Orientation Officer) for the coming batch! Confirmed~!! ^v^

I know it's written there that I'm a reserve in the list sent around but...but! Someone has asked for "out" so I'm going in! Thank goodness~ Coz I really wanna be an OO leh... Hehe.

Happy happy~ :D

In case you're wondering what the grand job of OO entails, let me reiterate them one by one for you!

Here goes *keeping both fingers crossed*:

  1. To protect the juniors (which unfortunately may be chronogically older than moi, ha) from the wrath of seniors by trying to show them the ropes/unwritten rules around our uni.

  2. To help them suffer thru the excruciating but fun process called orientation with a smile on their faces and great memories! :D

  3. To let them get to know the ahem, mighty seniors, and well, (desperate) guys can get to know the junior girls in the guise of caring OO! Haha..

  4. Help them get good bargains for signatures, like how my OOs did for our group. Rmb when we had to sing 4 songs for the entire sem 3s (which wasn't so well received unfortunately)? Aikz. But at least we got 4 or 5 signatures for that embarassing ordeal. Blek.

  5. Hmm.. I can't think of anything else to crap ade leh... lol. Just basically to help them lah, help with the planning process, deflect whatever flak they might receive from seniors, help them get signatures etc... Ya, that's the job of an OO!

Anyway, just tot that I was lucky to know someone who just happened to want to pull out of being OO. ^o^ See? Knowing ppl helps! Or else I'd still be a reserve leh... Hehe.

Yayz! :D :D :D

PS: KL's biggest shopping malls are having the annual Mega Carnival Sale leh.. Why do I have to be in Penang when they're having SALES??? *wails* I wanna go shopping leh, I'm so deprived of it!! Especially looking at Ellice's post about great bargains... :(

PPS: Think I'll be SM (Station Master aka as the Terrors of Ragging!) during semester 3 lo! Hehe. Go from the good side to the evil side, that I will... Muahaha~ :P

PPPS: The guys are coming down to Penang next weekend! (^v^)v The planning process was pretty kelam-kabut (to say the least) but hopefully everything will solve itself out. Yayz, my life won't be so boring for at least a few days! Haha. Can't wait to show them around, but hopefully my other Penang frenz know where to go for great food coz I'm not really pro at that. Hehe.


michelleg said...

wah, so nice.. who's going? if i go then im the only sem3 haha.. but im not goin la..

sem3 become sm better, more fun!! sem2 oo la. so ur grp is the one who sang? haha sorry ya, we were just bored..

Zzzyun said...

the guys from aikido are going and some of our frenz! hehe.

eh if u wanna come along also can ah...

yeah, our group was the one who sang. Blek~ haha, i knew u guys were bored with us noob