Monday, July 24, 2006

Turning Mouldy

Hmm. Have I been doing anything even remotely productive these past few days? I think I can safely say I've done nothing at all!! o.O

I shld totally start on my elective report leh, on ice-skating!! :T Seeing that I've a short-term memory problem (or so I claim), it's quite possible that I might forget what I've done that week leh... Then charm ade lo! Wakaka~

But I really dunno how to start! And I allowed to ramble like a fool (like I do often in this blog, blek) in the report? Or is it a scrapbook that we're supposed to make?

Ah, hell. Later only I simply write lah. My tutor doesn't really care anyway. lol.

I have been onlining like there's no tomorrow, playing sudoku everyday, watching some movies and... what else have I been doing? Nothing! *Sigh*

I'm totally turning mouldy here. >.< Sienz!

I really hope that the guys will make the planning-in-progress-trip down to Penang leh... Please!! I'm so bored here. I'm missing the more "happening" life I had in KL!!

And most of all, I miss my FREEDOM!! :( *mutters bout strict parents in the background*

Haih, frenz in Penang, gimme a call please! We go hang out okay? I'm totally bored~ Haha.


KeeLaLa said...

I will try my best convince my parents k. Miss u too.

Zzzyun said...

Hope u guys can make it. :)

Miss hanging out with u guys too. ^v^