Monday, July 17, 2006


Warning: Super long post ahead. Guess that my long-winded tendencies have returned when I've nothing better to do. lol. Just let my fingers do the rambling okie~ :P

Aikz. Lousy internet connection. That's why I haven't been able to online properly the whole weekend! Even the home phones are not working! No dial tone at all. Strange. I wonder what's wrong. I really want to online!! :(

Anyway, let's clear up some things that I left out in the previous incoherent post. Hmm. How did I spend the last few days before I came back to penang?

I spent every morning of the week ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid. It's a really COOL sport! (yes, pun intended, lol) I really like the rush of cold air while one speeds around the ring. I have the need for speed of coz [on ice only, roads? Nah.] but didn't go too fast as I wasn't too good at braking yet. Wouldn't want any collisions, would we? I think I'm too old for that too. Haha. [But quite true, I really felt pain whenever I have the 'good fortune' to fall on the ice those few days. The ice is really hard!! And not so nice on my kneecaps..]

Well, I must say, the ice-skating shoes they have there are really in poor condition. SO rough!! Both of my feet are severely hurt already by the friction btw my feet and the boots. *Counts number of wounds and plasters on both feet* Wah, so many..!! Painful leh... :'( Even some of the guys hurt their feet too. So don't say that the skin on my feet is too fragile ya.. Haha.

But as I said, I seemed to have a high threshold for pain, so I managed to grit my teeth and get on with my elective for five freaking painful days. Not bad, right? :P

Okay, what did we do besides that?

Nothing much on Tuesday, I think. Or nothing that I can rmb anyway. My short-term memory problem must be getting worse. Hehe. Well, we had one lunch in Kim Gary (I still can't find the type of toast I want!) but mostly at this really nice coffeeshop called Ming Tien... Yum. :) We met James, Ching Mei and Mui How in Kim Gary. *surprise surprise* They said they kept calling our names while we were skating but we didn't hear them, I guess. Same case with Stephanie and Grace who saw us on Thursday. Haha.

And Kee came back down on Wednesday so all us went back to Sri Petaling for lunch. Later we played badminton at the court in Vista B. Unfortunately, the court was booked for the wrong time, and we had to crawl around searching for a court to play. But sadly, we couldn't find one. Oh well, we went jogging (more like climbing) in the park nearby. Nice place, must come here more often! :) I must improve my stamina ah...!

Then, for the first time since ever, we had around 14 ppl out for dinner that night. Not bad! I think almost everyone that was still around in vista went for the dinner. :D So the only place we could go was Kinrara Mamak lo. Like the maggi goreng there, though a bit expensive~ :)

Later, we spent the whole night at Eugene's place playing PS2!! Yeah, the Naruto game lah.. Kee managed to resist the allure of playing Dota with the guys and came to play Naruto with us. ^v^ Haih, managed to beat him at first but later we evened out. I'll practice more! lol. We played until 1 in the morning, before Kee decided he wanted to go home ade. Followed him since I was kinda tired and didn't want to walk home alone.. The rest played till 3 smtg in the morning I heard. Crazy.. Haha.

So that's for Wednesday.

Thursday? The day when our results would be released lo.. Scary? Definitely. But we pushed all these scary thoughts from our mind and played hard!! lol. Morning was spent skating as usual. Oh ya, Kee joined us too, for fun. ^o^ Eugene and Valene then had a go at the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) machines outside the rink. Looks fun! :D They can really dance~ Hehe.

We went home then since the guys had to go help around with the aikido seminar stuff at about 3pm. Had to rest a bit right? They had to help carry really dusty mats from the HQ to somewhere in Puchong. And had to clean them too. I wanted to go help at first but I was too tired and had a lot of household chores to take care of before I leave for penang. Sorry ya, guys!

Then it was time. For the results to be released. Major Yikes!! :O Well, Pui Fun, Li Yann and I went to get our results together... (Sue Wen couldn't come coz she was working.) We decided to open our results slip together but they're so slow! My heart nearly stopped lah, waiting for them. Haha. But they managed to open in the end. And you know lah, what my results were [refer previous post]... Evelyn and Kah Heng were there to kaypo, hehe, but according to them, they wanted to "remember that this was a happy place" as they'll be having their exams there soon... LOL. But thanks for coming anyway. :D

The guys from aikido weren't back yet.. Waited for them, while I hung around, looking at the noisy dramatic scene around me. There were happy faces, sad faces, expressionless faces... Hmmm.

A lot of my frenz passed but some ppl I knew had failed. Oh well, that's the reality of life. Anyway, I wish you guys the all the best in your resit exam!! Gambate oh!! But I had to say I admire the spirit of some ppl. They can still be very optimistic about the resit even though they had failed. That's very cool. I salute them. :) If it were me, I don't think I can do it. *makes mental note for a New Year resolution*

And then the guys were back. Everyone passed... Hurray~! (^v^)v Congratz to everyone who passed okay! See ya next sem! *winks*

For a celebratory dinner, we went for Steamboat in Sri Petaling. So many ppl came! Woo~ The food was okay, price reasonable I guess. Atmosphere was comfy and funny, my batchmates are really the funniest ppl I've ever seen. They really crack me up. ^v^ I totally like this feeling of together-ness!

We finished our dinner around 9pm. Time to go home to rest for a while. I had to pack for going home leh... Almost forgot. Aikz. Lol. If I've pack sooner, we'd have been able to go for another brief PS2 playing session lo... Sorry ya! :P

Anyway, we're in such a rush coz we had bought tickets to watch Pirates of The Caribbean : Dead's Man's Chest at 11pm... Okay, this is the first time I am watching such a late movie with frenz. Hey, what to do, my parents are strict ma.. Haha. But living on my own is such fun! :D No curfew~ I'm becoming a bad girl, aren't I? *hehe, now, I wonder that is so?*

The movie was quite good, really funny (laughing too much these days, lol)... but it ended with a total cliff-hanger though. Which wasn't so clear to me, [since I watched the first one too long ago, and you know my lousy memory lah] until Eugene explained to us.

Anyway, Johnny Depp is SO funny as Captain Jack Sparrow!! The way he walks is so funny/gay!! Haha... Thumbs up~ Keira Knightly is as pretty as always, but I find her acting overly dramatic in this movie. But still passable lah. Orlando Bloom? Ok-lah. He seemed to be acting in a lot of blockbusters recently.. Well, the movie had a lot of funny moments worth remembering. So I'd say, give it a watch! XD

But the time the movie finished, it was 1 something in the morning ade. And Kee still had to drive us home after such a tiring day. I was kinda worried...and tried my best to stay awake. In the end, I was in a half-sleep, half-awake sort of state. Not that it helped, did it? Haha. But luckily, we arrived safe and sound. *phew*

Then it was time to go to dreamland... Blissful sleep.

Friday? It was our last morning on ice. Loved the feeling of total openness, speeding on the cold ice. Yayz! XD After that, Eugene and Valene had another go on the DDR... And I tried once too. I was quite clumsy, I must say. :P But then, it was my first time ma.. But it was fun though. Next time will try again. Hehe.

Then after lunch at Mcd, it was time to rush home. Sorry ya, Beh, for letting you wait. So me and Emily followed Beh, who was driving home. Emily's dad fetched her near the Ipoh toll, while I of coz, followed Beh to Penang. :) It was a really fun trip, the hours just seemed to whiz by while we chatted, joked and laughed at all. Nice~

Beh was driving over the limit a wee bit, and we're dead scared when we saw police on the road. But luckily we didn't get a ticket. *phew* And arrived safe and sound in one piece. Thank god.

And so that was that. The week was really super duper fun while it lasted... I really enjoyed myself to the max! But now it's back to staying at home in Penang.. Haha. Well, I definitely get to sleep more here. *winks*

Ciao~ :D

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