Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Orientation Photos (Part 2)

Guess the limit is 5 photos per post I guess. So another 5 amazing photos bout my orientation for you guys to enjoy. I might post more, see how things go first lo.

During Ice Breakers. Rather chaotic and erm, dirty scene.

Can see some familiar faces ade, to think that I dunno them last time.

Hehe. And those faces don't look too happy. lol.

During Telematch. Erm, dunno whose hand was that..

But looks damn ganas leh the senior!

Classic shot! Love it! :P

After Ice Breakers! Dirty BallBusters!!

Look at all that colourful ammo!

They even colour-coded it according to type! lol.

My group's banner in all its short-lived glory! Ya, I know it's obscene~ LOL!

And wanna say thanks to my kind OOs: L - R: Kenneth, Vun Heng and James!

They really helped and supported us through our "moment of peril"! Haha.

One of my favourite photos!

Coz we're like SO freaking high during Treasure Hunt!

I think it was becoz we had a like "since we're going to get ragged anyway, might as well go and do it properly" sort of attitude!

Gogogo! United-ness~ Love it! ^v^


michelleg said...

wow, those pics r soo worth it. post more, can rub it in on vun heng next time. hhaha!! oomg, his pose too cacat compared to kenneth/james.. haha..

Zzzyun said...

Haha!!! Okay, I go and source for more pics! :P :P

Yeah, really can go and tease him ade.. lol~