Friday, July 14, 2006

Results Are Out!

Well, happy times do whizz by, I must say. Too too fast. And now, I'm back home in dear penang ade.

Anyway, where again shld I start? [This has been happening a bit too much recently coz moi is too busy having fun to update... Hehe. I DO have a life you know. :P]

Lemme see. I shall tell the important parts first lah. Don't want to leave you guys in suspense ma. Hehe.

Okay, yesterday was a rather important day. It was the day we got our results!! *scared leh* Yes, the thin thin line between PASS and FAIL!

And *phew* I passed!! :D :D :D

*wipes bead of sweat on brow*

Okay okay. I know you kaypo ppl out there are just dying to know what I exactly got. Since I'm so nice, I'll tell lo. A minus. Yeah.

Guess that's ok kua.. but let's face it. Humans are greedy creatures. Before the results are released, they'll just tell you that they'll be satisfied by a pass. But after they get that, they want more. But then, as I said, that's just human nature. So that makes me normal lo, right? :P

I'm quite contented that I passed with an A- with the amount of effort I put in (which isn't much compared to some batchmates of mine). But of coz, who doesn't want that elusive A??

Guess I'll just hvta work harder for it lo. Must promise myself to do better next time. Hope I have the determination lo.

But all things said, I'm still pretty satisfied with my results. Hey, since things can't be changed, why not be happy? :)

Oh, whatever. Let it be. At least I'm going to get to see my frenz again in sem 2!! lol. Funny joke. Ppl kept saying "see you next sem" that day! Hehe.

Okay, I know I sound quite incoherent now. Crap. Maybe I'll blog more tomorrow. Ciao~

PS: My mind and heart are a bit confused now. Conflicted. Yeah, that's the word. (That's partially why I can't blog coherently. Blek.)

As I'm at most times a rational person, my mind would usually win. But maybe not this time. Ha. I know you wouldn't understand. Public blogs need to be vague ma.. :P]

What's the use of uncontrollable emotions? *rolls eyes* Argggh.


KeeLaLa said...


lishun said...

A- is freaking good la. congrats. =)

eve said...

mengada lah you get A minus also complain. Exam in less than 24 hours for me. *pulls hair in frustration, anticipation, fear and all other emotions that comes along with exams*

Zzzyun said...

thks lishun! :D

eve ah, I'm not complaining lah.. Hehe. just whine a bit lah, but I AM satisfied with my results.

anyway, this might be a bit belated, but wish you all the best in ur exam!! Gambate! And dont panice lah... you'll surely do well wan... ^v^