Monday, July 17, 2006

To Trust Or Not To Trust

Felt a bit sad when I heard another fren also failed the exam. But that's only partially the reason.

Coz she told me that she was disillusioned with life in imu. That she was disappointed with the ppl she met here. I am appalled at what she has to tell me.

She told me that the ppl she've met so far were total fakers (excluding me of coz, or she wouldn't be telling me this). Ppl who are nice to you in front, but turn around and talk bad things about you behind your back. :O Imagine this, there were ppl [yes, our batchmates!] who told her to her face that she deserved this since they tot she "didn't study hard enough". Wth!! This is too much lah.. Tsk tsk.

I've been lucky so far, I guess. The ppl I met and are close to, turned out to be really decent ppl. That's why I agree with Evelyn and Lishun when they say Imu is full of decent ppl.

I quote Eve: "Imu students may be wealthier than the average student outside... but many have hearts of gold."

To me then, it was true...but now, after what my fren told me, I guess I hvta be more careful. Maybe I was being naive? Dunno...

But then, I'll just continue making new frenz lah. Scared of getting hurt by other (bad) ppl is surely no deterent to mixing around, right? The reality of the world is like that lah.. What to do. As long ppl who I'm close to me are decent, that's fine with me ade.

We can't have everything, you know? But that's life. And I'm happy with life in general for now. *smiles happily* ^v^

PS: I hope all my frenz passed their resit and that she finds more decent ppl to hang around with in imu. Hey, I won't mind introducing you some cool frenz too! :) Cheerz!

PPS: Go read Pui Fun's post about her recent traumatic run-in with a snatch thief. So damn scary okay! :O So girls, pls do be more cautious and try to be thick-skinned a bit [what to do..] and ask guys to accompany you home when you're going home late at night. >> Safety first << Woah, I'm scared! Especially with so many robberies happening near my uni too. :O

PPPS: Some of my Imu frenz might not know bout my other blog. It's where I put my creative work, though I haven't update it for sometime. Sorry lah, where got time to maintain two blogs? lol. Click here or on the link titled "My Alter Ego" lah. Enjoy! ^o^

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