Friday, July 21, 2006

Googling My Blog? I Know!

Okay, out of boredom, I decide to check my blogpatrol statistics. And imagine my surprise when I saw the above. [Sorry if pic is a bit small, try to practice "accomodation" on your eyes lo! Haha.]

Apparently, ppl googled out my blog using the weirdest key words. The green arrows refer to ppl who google some of my frenz' names but ended up on moi's blog instead. (Weird. Yeah, Shea Speare! You're one the ppl googled! lol.)

Orange arrow refers to someone who I assumed has a fetish for "penang girls" and googled that in the hope for porn? Ha, but he ended on my porn-free blog instead. Sucks to you. :P

Red arrow is for some noob who googled I mean, Yahoo-ed! (sounds funny) "imu 2006 exam resit". Wonder if it is a current student (batchmate even?) or some future junior worried about the failure rate in Imu. Well, if you want to know how many ppl failed etc, is this the correct place? I've not place any statistics here although I've heard some rumours lah. Hehe. Not so kaypo lah, moi. :P

And last but definitely not least, purple arrow is someone who googled Yahoo-ed! *drum roll pls* no other person but... ME! Serious! Squint your eyes and read properly. Someone googled Yahoo-ed! my entire name in CAPITAL LETTERS summore!

I have a stalker I see. lol. We'll see. *winks*

How interesting when you can see who reads your blog. Blogpatrol is the best tracker I've used. Very comprehensive statistics. Haha, so don't stalk me, or I'll know! lol. Though I rarely use it these days, unless I'm very bored from lack of things to do. Like now. Hehe.

PS: "Google" is officially a verb now. But "Yahoo!"? Go figure. lol.


Sun Tzu II said...

You think blogpatrol is good?
Wait until you try google analytics!

I waited months before I got my invitation though.

KeeLaLa said...

Maybe u too perasan la, thinking that ppl search for porn until ur blog page meh. And, who is trying to stalk u? I'll bang him kau kau! Lolx. *pEacE*

Shea Speare said...

Huh? Still don't understand about the people googling me. U mean your friend view my blog through your link or is it something like that?

Zzzyun said...

suntzu> haha, then what are u waiting for? why didnt invite me? :P

kee> no lah. i where got perasan :P anyway dont think i have stalker yet lah, but if got i'll ask u to san-kio him/her! lol. ^v^

shea speare> no lah, i meant ppl who googled ur name ended up on my blog coz i mentioned ur name on my blog before...haha

Sun Tzu II said...

I don't give the invitations, they do.

You just have to sign up and spend forever waiting.