Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fond Farewells (A Temporary Hiatus, I Think)

This is it. The day when I once again say my fond farewells to my beloved family and go back to the dark ugly jungle of Bukit Jalil, where good food is scarce. :P


Later I'll be going back to KL with my uncle, carrying my heavy heavy books with me that I've barely opened.. (O.o) And I might not be able to blog the coming week - not out of a intense need to spare any time-wasting activities, oh nooo - but becoz I think that the uni's network is out of reach for ppl on study break or on holiday.

So you know.

It'll definitely be good for the online addict like me of coz. For once, the uni is implementing smtg that can do me good. Ha.

*Sobs* A week without internet is not good for the soul. Even more so a stressed out soul too. lol.

Okay, say your bye-bye's. Your favourite blogger will be back to full-power blogging after her exams! ^v^

Wish me luck, guys! Coz I'm so totally going to need it! :)

PS: I really need to do well in this exam!! f.o.c.u.s.


sAmAnThA said...

Nevermind... exam passes by very fast. It'll be gone in a blink.

And good luck!

michelleg said...

dun think u'll read this in time but just wanna wish ya all the best!!

eve said...

yeah all the best... and can someone tell her that you can actually get the uni to authorize internet use just by writing a letter to them explaining that you'd be in BJ? or should i NOT tell her?

Zzzyun said...

thank you, everyone! ^v^

And eve, haha, now i know we can use internet here lah :P :P coz i see other ppl using ah... Haha.. so u didnt tell me also, i know. hehe..