Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving For Change

I shall now talk about what I had been doing the past two days. Certainly not studying, that's for sure. :P

But for once, I was not procastinating, I have a valid reason. I was moving house!!

Yup, you got it right... I was moving from Block C to Block B!! Yayz! Coz it's just opposite the uni, no need to walk so far!! [Yalah, I am a lazy girl lah...]

Well, there are actually many factors that prompted this drastic move of mine, so to speak. Well, the bitch of a landlady (pls excuse my language coz there's no other more apt way to describe her) was a defining factor.


Besides being very sarcastic [to go as far as insinuating that I don't know to use her f*cking aircon =.=], she proceeded to scold me many times for things that were not my fault. Damnit.

And apparently, she doesn't know (or pretends not to know) how to read an agreement that she herself had written. Even me, the noob when it comes to agreements and stuff like that knows how to tafsir it okay... Wth.

She demanded one month's rental as compensation when it was clearly written in the agreement that if I give her two months' notice in the circumstance of EARLY termination, I will get my rental deposit and utilities deposit returned to me FREE of INTEREST.

Does it take a lot of brain power to compute that, huh? HuH?? =_=

Some ppl are just too much. :(

In the end, my dad relented a bit, and gave her half a month's rental as "compensation" for being a total bitch and now, she f*king wants to forfeit my utilities deposit. Luckily, I don't trust ppl anymore so much anymore so I didn't pay last 2 months' bills. But I still stand to lose if I don't get back the money. Coz we don't use that much electricity and water anyway. Arggh!!

Plus the house was in pretty bad condition. Not only was it VERY dirty (major eww!!), there was fungal infection in the 3rd room and toilet etc etc that she promised to repair... which she totally didn't. Gah. And the fridge and washing machine were cacat-ed too. :(

And the other fact that I started hating to walk the relatively long distance to and fro. Sometimes if forgot to take smtg, haih, have to walk back again. Or walking in the rain? Even worse... Bleh.

And staying on the first floor is no fun. A lot of dust and noise too. But you get to spy on other residents I supposed. Ha. As if I want to. Not so mo-liu okay..

So these are the few major reasons why I moved lo.

Took almost two days to move lo. Have so much stuff. Thank god my dear dad and sis came down to help me!! (Thanks very much!!!!) Or else sure die lo.

So I followed them back to Penang, coz I have no fridge and washing machine yet ma. And yes, as I expected, I am not really studying much. *Die*

Will be back in KL after 1 week spent gorging on gorgeous Penang food! Hehe.

Okay, gotta try to hit myself in the head, I mean, gotta hit the books. :D Ciao!


eve said...

wah move house already post pictures ma. you really gotta take lessons from ellice, yee yoon they all about "adequate use of the camera" :)

Zzzyun said...

haha, later lah, not free, besides i only have camera phone wo.. :P

I think they are in the "overuse of camera" league... lol.

Sun Tzu II said...

I don't overuse my camera. I abuse it.

9200 pictures (since 5 December 2004) and counting.

How much does that averages to? 15 pics a day?

Zzzyun said...

Haha..but we're talking about camwhoring wo..

I'm pretty sure u dont do that, right? :P :P

Sun Tzu II said...

I don't camwhore.
I MAKE camwhores.

Remember what I did to the moth?
Several dozen pics of it within the hour.