Friday, June 02, 2006

The Poster & The Pen

Ah ha, finally some photos after a dry period of words, words and yet again, endless words. Haha. Hope you weren't bored to death, but I'm too lazy to post photos.. Hehe.

Since I couldn't post up the actual copy of the Chinese Chess Club Poster, decided to substitute with a photograph of it. [Sorry ah, the resolution is not very good, what to do, camera phone not canggih enough ma. Haha.]

However, due to my blurness, I managed to confuse the days, even after checking my calendar. Shld be Saturday, not Sunday. So had to deface it, but luckily caught the mistake before I pasted it around campus.

Before the defacement:

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What do you think of it? Comments? :D

After the defacement:

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Can you spot the difference? lol.

Haih, why am I so blur? >.< Oh, whatever.

Just a mini side note, I wanna thank Li Yann & Valene for helping me put up the chinese chess posters in strategic locations around uni. ^_^

Hey, check this out. Pens made by Helen Keller Society~ A bit expensive (5 bucks each) but it's pretty cool and it's for charity too... :) What I like is that we get to personalize what you want written embroidered on the casing. However, the casing is permanently stuck there, so gotta change the casing each time the pen dries out...

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Moi had a touch of inspiration and decided on ---> Mad Loves Med! Isn't that totally cool? It's a pun by the way... if you didn't know.

And seriously, I admit we gotta be crazy (as in mad) to love medicine... Now, why am I here again? *Mused look* Okay, just kidding~ :P

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Here's a close up of it, rather blur though.

PS: Oh, there's a dinner later for members of Imucampus forum... Sounds like fun. :D


Sun Tzu II said...

lol, interesting...

Considering what happened during orientation, its quite appopriate too! :p

Zzzyun said...

haha, u meant Mad Loves Med, right?

come to think of it, maybe... lol. :P