Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Weird Conversation

Oh ya, almost forgot. I said I would blog about smtg weird that happened during the window shopping trip in Midvalley, didn't I?

Okay, here goes:

Me and Anne were minding our own business, trudging from here and there so Anne could find a going-away present for a fren, when we're suddenly approached by this couple.

This was the gist of the conversation, sorry, I'm not hypermnesic, so I can't rmb it word for word, okay.. lol.

Woman: (towards Anne) Excuse me, but can I know where you got that bag from?

Anne: (pointing to her bag) Err, this? I got it from Roxy. [Duh, the word Roxy is written all over it, okay, lady..]

Woman: (brightly) Oh, where can I get that?

Anne: Oh, it's just a few floors below. Near Esquire Kitchen, you know?

Woman: (looks a bit flustered now) Erm. I don't think I know. I'm not from around here.

Anne: I'm not from around here too.

Woman: I'm from Johor. And he's from Cameron Highlands (gestures to older man standing beside her who have been silent all this while). Where are you from? (smiles widely)

Anne: Erm... I'm from Sarawak.

Woman: Oh. And you? (zoomz towards me, and yes, I was silently observing all this while too)

Me: Oh, I'm from Penang.

Woman: Ah, penang lang~ I see, I see. (towards Anne again) Okay, izzit okay if you contact me when you see any bags like this size? It's difficult to get bags that are just the riiiight size, you know.

Anne: (surprised look) am I...?

Woman: (takes out paper and pen) This is my number, you call me [insert name yourself, I forgot hers] when you see the bag, okay?

Anne: Err..

Woman: Oh ya, what's your number by the way?

Anne: Arr, my number? (hesitates then takes the paper held out by the woman, scribbles a number)

Woman: What's your name ah?

Anne: You can call me Jia Wei.. (seeing woman having difficulty pronouncing her name) Or Rachel also okay.

Woman: Rachel. Hmm. So you're working where?

Anne: (!!!) I'm still a student.. O.o

Woman: Student? Oh, study what?

Anne: Medical.

Woman: Wah, such a pretty doctor ah...

Anne: (blushes) No-lah..

Woman: (zooms towards me again) What about you? Same class?

Me: Yeah, I'm studying medical too.

Woman: (towards Anne again, she does have a short attention span :P) Wah, study where?

Anne: Erm, Bukit Jalil. [Notice the reluctance to mention our uni.. :P]

Woman: Oh ya. I think there's a uni there offering medical.

All this while, both were taking turns writing numbers.

And after some small talk and bye-bye's, we're done. (walks away hurriedly)

Needless to say, me and Anne certainly had a field day over this very weird event.

Me: I hope you didn't give her your real number lo.

Anne: No-lah. I simply down wrote some number. Wait... I think i gave her my bro's number! (slaps palms on forehead)

Me: Oh. Well, I noticed you didn't her your real name. Luckily..

Anne: It's part of my name. My real name is Anne Rachel..

Me: (surprised) Oh, I see.

Anne: Luckily, you didn't tell her that it wasn't my real name.. I had a fren who did just that.

Me: Hahaha.. I where got so blur.. I was just hoping you weren't blur enough to give her your real number but I couldn't say a word.

Anne: (Winks)

My point of view:-

This woman seemed SO weird. I mean, who asks a total stranger to contact her when she sees a bag she wants? We were in a shopping mall, for god's sake, go find one yourself. And who asks for a stranger's name and phone number just becoz of that trivial reason?

Just one word = CRAZY.

And the 'hitting-on' theory didn't work either, becoz obviously, the gender wrong. lol. Strange. Unless homosexuals are more direct now... *Mused look*

And nope, the woman didn't look like she was from a kampung or what. She was dressed pretty trendily. So being 'sampat' (as in uncivilised person from jungle) was not really a suitable explanation, I guess.

Go on, help me figure this out. :) Differential diagnostic, ppl... Hehe.


Pip said...

Two words: damned marketers! Marketers earn a huge commission for every name and phone number they get. There are tonnes leeching around nowadays.

eve said...

you just fell prey to "damn marketers". *grins* i had one as a neighbour before. all my friends kena grill until i resorted to getting them in via back gate. *uber wide grins*

Zzzyun said...

Damn Marketers?

That's a new tactic they used to get phone numbers...but the thing is they're prob going to get fake names and phone numbers, which amounts to rubbish, doesn't it?

And they get money for that?

Go figure~ lol.

Haha, you really let ur frenz in thru the back door, eve? That's funny...Haha :P

Sun Tzu II said...

There's an advertisement in college. Give them donno how many hundred Malaysian emails a day, and you get paid dunno how much salary.

Go figure.

If anyone were to give the real stuff, prepare for spam!

Zzzyun said...

Wah, got such advert in college ah... tsk tsk..

Haih, so this is how spam comes about? Argh.

and no one is that naive to give the real stuff lah.. -_-""'

Sun Tzu II said...

That's not all. Remember chain mail?

If it lands on the mailbox of one of these marketers, many of those who recieved it before can expect more spam too!

Zzzyun said...

Oh! Interesting...didnt think of that..

but i always tot that chain mail was stupid..

anyhow, if they were true, i'd have dunno how many years of bad luck by now.. LOL~

Sun Tzu II said...

Ya, that would explain why I don't have a gf too.

Can't say for sure if that's a blessing or a curse though, lol.

Zzzyun said...

Haha, it's not true lah.. the chain mail thing..

it might be a blessing in disguise (not having a gf), u never know..

since u hate shopping so much :P :P

*hint hint*

Sun Tzu II said...

Of course I meant IF its true la. lol.

I'd guess I'd call it a blessing then, hehe. Save more money to buy me a new camera too!