Thursday, June 29, 2006

Learned Helpless-ness

Seriously, why am I even trying?

How is one supposed to cram in 4 months' worth of notes into 1 week of study break?? [One week only coz I wasted the first in Penang. Argh.]

I mean, the notes are like so damn thick okay... >.< Totally mad! *starts pulling hair out*

I think I'm having "learned helpless-ness" issues. :( :( :(

[Yes, that is from Behavioural Science week. And you probably won't understand what I'm crapping about.] *sigh*


sAmAnThA said...

if it helps... good luck!!

eve said...

Considering your seniors are cramming 6 weeks in two days (or less), you can do it. IMU students do the impossible sometimes.

Zzzyun said...

thks samantha!! :D

and yeah, evelyn, we DO do the, we did it!