Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Grandpapa of Gray's Anatomy

Let me introduce you to an ancient friend of my dad's. One of his medical books that he still have with him!!

Behold, Gray's Anatomy, at least 30 years old, I reckoned. :D

Since there was dust collecting on the poor little book ade, come, let's camwhore a bit! Hehe.

Well, the bookcover is not-very-attractive, right?

It's the 34th edition!! Quick, what's the newest one?? :P

Wah, the pages all brownish ade.. Haha.

Doesn't it just remind you of the tv series called Grey's Anatomy? lol.

Wah, is there a law stating the limit of words

one can put in two pages? Sigh.

Sorry, it's a bit blur. Just tot put this up for fun. ^o^

Wah, the mysteries of the heart will be revealed here.. Hehe.

And now one of the mysteries that puzzle scientists so,

the Brain!

Okla, this is just a rubbishy post. :P I think it must becoz of the massive effort put in to try make myself concentrate and focus on my notes is just a lost cause. *Huge Sigh*

Study, zzzyun! STUDY!!

Or you'll be the one who's going to suffer next week!! May the force be with me~ :D

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