Friday, June 23, 2006

The Procastinator Is Me

Probably you guys would have noticed by now that the width of this blog has been significantly changed. If not, you need specs!! lol.

Hope this change in width is more agreeable to your eyes. Shld be easier to read, right? :D

Unfortunately, the width of the header remains stubborn and will not budge an inch with any amount of coaxing from moi even though I've spent a substantial amount of time tinkering in the template. Haih.

Don't worry. I'll remedy that when I get back from major exams. (Cortisol levels shoot to the roof at the mention of the ugly word = exams!) :T

What the hell am I doing, blogging and messing with my template so much prior to a very important exam??!! :'(

Ok, I'm SO gonna die for my EOS1 since I'm totally in procastinator mode for the past week.

See? Told you that I can't really study when I'm back home. *Huge sigh*



sAmAnThA said...

Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. Nobody's perfect.. rite? LOL

Zzzyun said...



I am soooo going to die for this exam, and this time I think i mean it.. :'(

PS: Are u saying that I'll be perfect once I stop procastinating? :P :P :P


sAmAnThA said...

Wait till the exams are over before u give a verdict, k??

And yeah, who knows, but that is extremely unlikely, rite?? Blek.

Zzzyun said...

Haha. alright.. i'll whine AFTER the exam.. lol..

And i was just kidding lah, samantha dear..

moi is far from being perfect..hehe