Monday, June 12, 2006

The Weekend

Woah. Tiring weekend.

Spent Saturday morning practicing for aikido grading on Sunday, then went out for meals in Sri Petaling. (Wah, I will be broke soon at this rate and it's only the beginning of the month!!)

Lunch was affordable, nice Hokkien mee (called Prawn mee in KL and yes, I am getting confused over the different names *Sigh*) in Alison cafe. Dinner in Pizza Hut. Expensive. Really expensive. But we did had our fill though. :)

On Sunday, we had our grading in Aikido HQ in Brickfields. It went fine, I guess. I could do every technique except I went a bit blur when asked to do Katetori Ikeo Ura Waza [Not sure about the spelling]. Tot I had already did it when actually I only did Katetori Ikeo Omotae. Haih, blanked out. Luckily, remembered in time with some help from my fren. Thanks! :D

Well, John (our club president) said we all passed. Hopefully. At least our sensei, Dr.Leong looked satisfied. *Wipes sweat*

Our seniors or senpai did okay too. Yayz for all of us. :)

Anyway, we went to Steven's Corner for a late lunch. Most of us had the banana leaf special. Quite nice, but a bit spicy. This is worth-it if you're a big eater since they will refill the food with no extra charges, or so I heard. But we didn't manage that though. Haha.

Well, as always, the aikido gang's conversation was damn funny. I think one day I might laughed my lungs out! :P (Is that medically possible? Hmm.) We talked about a lot of interesting stuff, gossiped a bit, and not to forget, we also reminisced about the good old days... (Read: Orientation) Hehe.

Really, I can't believe that I will be finishing my first sem here in 3 weeks [if include study break lah...] Sigh, time passes so fast, doesn't it? If I am not careful, I find myself an old old woman in no time at all... :(

Wah, I still have a lot of things I want to do...! Live Life To The Max! :D

Okay, there's one crucial, very important thing that I should do but have not been doing this weekend.


God, I swear I am sooooo dead for Summative 2. Helppppppppp!!!

*Starts hyperventilating and eyes bulges out* [Wait, bulging eyes aka exophthlamos is a symptom of...? :'( *Dies*]

PS: I can't believe that I watched ELEVEN episodes of House in just the short time of a few days. This is just the wrong time to indulge in addictions. Arggh.


Sun Tzu II said...

lol, congrates with your grading, good luck with your next test.

No aches and pains I hope.
I remember having a sprained toe once :p

eve said...

Congrats, Ziyun!!!

And yeah, good luck too. Don't be so stressed out ya... seeing you mugging so hard in the library makes a few of us worry about you burning out.

Zzzyun said...

suntzu> thanks! :D

Haha, aches and pains are part and parcel of training... but strangely there were none during the grading, prob becoz didnt roll much.. and the mats were damn nice too. :P

I almost sprained my ankle though. Luckily, it became better after that. :)

Zzzyun said...

Hey, thanks very much, eve! *Happy smile*

I'll try to keep the stress at bay lah.. I feel better already, with ur encouragement.. :)

Oh well, it's probably smtg that happens often in my life anyway. Need that last-minute pressure I guess...hehe.

Gambate, everyone!