Monday, June 12, 2006

Aww Shucks, It Sucks

Life can be pretty sucky sometimes. There can be dry spells when NOTHING goes right.

  • The time you wanna go home and stepped out of uni, it starts raining. (Yes, no umbrella, unless you count my file.)

  • A friend invites you over for lunch, careless you dropped something at her house.

  • The day you wanna have PBL, there was a rather complicated confusion over when to change that PBL 1 to, just because some couldn't wait in school for a mere few hours for the genetic practical tmr.

  • The time you wanna move house, your future housemate tells you that you will have to go "fridge-less" for more than a fortnight coz she can't arrange for the fridge to come earlier. [It's not her fault, I know, she tried her best already, but that still sucks.]

  • Becoz of the no-fridge problem, you have to balik kampung to Penang for study break when initially you had planned to study hard (and alone) in the concrete jungle of KL. Yeah, right. lol.

  • Becoz of the flimsy plan to balik kampung, the new plan to change PBL 2 to next week was a big no-no. Besides, I don't think our facilitator would have allowed that.

  • And on top of all that, I still have a damn lot unstudied and I am so worried. [I know I had said this many many times, but hell, I AM really worried. But then history is repeating itself. Damnit. I never change, do I?]

Oh, my many problems seemed like a tangle fibrin mash of clotting proteins and platelets. (Good analogy, huh?)

I think I worry too much. :T Excessively, compulsively sometimes. And I think and plan too much too sometimes.

I get rather frustrated when things don't go how I plan. And I always think there's a solution to every problem, and I persist on and on, only to find out in the end that it was all in vain. :'( All that "brain-storming" and "emotional clouds" for what? Nothing.

Oh hell, I will stop the pathetic whining here. It's time to get down to some real work. See ya guys.

PS: My problems may seemed trivial to you, but sum it all up, forgive me, it totally overwhelms me. Sorry but I am just like that.

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