Monday, June 05, 2006

Isn't This So Wrong?

Since you guys found out about my blog wanted me to blog about this funny incident, I shall be kind and oblige you guys for once. ^_^

We went for our usual sunday dinner at Sri Petaling, and this time we decided on kfc. *Salivates* (Didn't have kfc for forum dinner, now have lo, haha)

And yes, in case you're wondering, I was the only girl in a bunch of guys again. I think I'm getting used to it leh.. Hmm. Really must think of any girls that stay here and want to go out makan during weekend lah. *Think think think*

Anyway, we saw something funny when we're there enjoying our meal. (Imo, they were abit too rowdy for a family restaurant.. What to do, once they talk about DoTA, they get all hyper.. lol.)

Behold the pics below.

Can you spot anything terribly wrong with them, especially the first one?? It's sooo damn funny~! :D

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What's wrong with this pic?

Still can't see it?

Are you really sure? :T Really??

Okay, I shall dwell in suspense no longer and reveal the mystery~

*Drumroll pls*

----> This chicken is totally guilty of Cannibalism!!

Yes, can't you see? He (it?) is totally eating his own kind! Well, at least he didn't look very happy about it, I think he looks surprised.

We were totally laughing our heads off about the illogical mural. Hehe. But it didn't spoil our hearty appetites though.

But now, what this pic?

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See anything yet?

Actually, there's nothing so wrong as the above, except that the tomato is eating a fellow veggie, the potato! [French fries made up potato ma...] But he looks damn happy about it though.. Haha.

Pomato anyone? :P

Really~ Whoever designed those mural should really think twice. Cannibal chickens sound SO unappetizing. Haha.

The next time you go to the kfc there, do check it out! ^_^ (Wah, free publicity~)

There, I hope you guys are satisfied with this post now. [I am so nice, aren't I? :P]


Sun Tzu II said...

Did you know there is such thing as a pomato? Hehe... a product of genetic engineering.

But I'd guess genetic engineering is not all about enzymes, DNA, and plasmid transfers after all. lol

eve said...

pomato? eewww... what would it taste like... a tomato with potato texture or potato with tomato texture...

Zzzyun said...

Yeah, I knew about pomatoes.. We learn that during pre-u right? Hehe, wonders how it looks or taste like?? :P

Eh, but the funny thing here is the cannibal chicken lah... ^_^