Monday, June 19, 2006

A Recap of A Friday

Okay, I am back home in penang again! Yayz! This time I definitely feel better than the last time I came back home. It's definitely a plus that I get to live in a CLEAN home for once. :P Hehe.

Anyway, a lot of stuff has happened the past few days so I shall attempt to recap.

Hmm. Had our Summative 2 last Friday morning. Well, tot it went relatively well. I mean, with the amount of studying I did manage to do, this was considered pretty good ade. But then, one can never safely say that he/she has finished all the studying, can he/she? Shucks.

The OSPEs touched on pretty superficial stuff (and we studied hell a lot of anatomy for GI and Respi okay!!), while the MCQs touched on rather deep stuff... :'( I mean, almost every option was a rather in-depth specific fact. *Sigh* SAQs were normal lah... But I think I did okay, I guess. :D

The funny thing was the Behavoural Science SAQ. It was on the topic Memory. The first two was okay, but then the last one was a killer.

It said:

Draw a mind map based on the model/concept of Memory [or some crap like that].

The first thought that went thru my mind was, okayyyy, I can draw a mind map but what concept/model is the Q talking about???

Luckily, I managed to "do the proper retrieval thru unnamed cues" (apparently we learnt this is needed to retrieve info from the brain) and finally managed to scavange what-the-hell-is-this-concept from the ancient recesses of my lousy brain. Haha.

So I simply drew something that hopefully resembles a mind map lo. Hopefully it is sufficient. Hehe.

Okay, I think I shall not bore you guys any further about exams. Except the unyummy fact that I'll be facing my first major exam in med school in less than two weeks' time and YIKES! Better be more prepared this time, don't feel like suffering like the past few times. But I think I'll never change. :P

Anyway, even though I was severely sleep-deprived that day, but I was determined to go out and enjoy myself instead of doing the logical thing and go home and sleep. Typical, isn't it? :P The girls had other things to do, so I went out with Kajen and gang to Midvalley.

We went to McD for lunch. Had the Chicken Foldover recommended by Kajen. Not bad... The girls were camwhoring as usual, and beehoon, no, I am not freaked out by the camwhoring, except that I am not used to that MUCH of camwhoring that can be done in 1 session. lol.

At first, we planned to watch X-Men 3 (yes, a bit outdated but I like, cannot meh?) but the timing wasn't right, again.... I want to watch mutant superheroes leh!!! They are sooo cool! T_T

So we settled for The Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift.

My verdict? Tot the action scenes were cool but Initial D still come out tops. The former was more like a guy flick (weird fashion sense and lots of skin by the girls). I mean, the least they could do was get nicer eye candy of guys. The male leads weren't exactly, remotely, conventionally attractive. Pooh.

But I lurve the drifting scenes. Totally uber cool! I am soooooo tempted to try that with my dad's manual car. Haha. But think I better improve my driving skills first lo. :P

The funny thing was at the end of the movie, there was a statement warning us that all these stunts were performed in controlled circumstances and that we should not try this. Bwahaha. Sorry but the movie really makes us all tempted to try that leh. Opposite effect. ^o^

Okay, enough bout the movie. It's just not good enough to make me wanna write a whole review about it. Haha.

Then, some of the gang had to go home since they haven't done their AIR topic and Friday was the deadline. [Beats me why my uni like to put deadlines and exams on the exact same day. *Shrugs*]

I on the other hand, did not procrastinate for once in my life (I feel so proud of myself, hehe), had hand it up last Monday. :P Used only about 1 hour to do it, ya know. New record. lol.

Then, only eley, david, anne and me were left. Me and anne decided to not be lightbulbs *hint hint* and also becoz we wanted to have dinner there too, so we parted ways with eley and david. :D

We went window shopping and smtg very weird happened then but I shall leave it to a separate post, okay.. Must go more detailed ma. :) We had dinner in Sushi King, coz we're deprived of sushi for a loooong time. Yummy. But so broke. *Blek*

Then, after more wasting of my money (we bought cakes in Secret Recipe O_o), it was time to go home. Would had stayed later, but Anne had to do her AIR topic. For once, it's nice to not be the worst procastinator. ^v^ Hehe. She came over to do her AIR topic for quite sometime while I dawdled around lo. Dunno do what also.

What? Study? No wayyy! :D

Later, we went up to David's house so that Anne could post her AIR topic. Yalah, I don't have internet connection lah. Bah. Will get it soon, I hope. :) She went home later, but David was nice enough to lend me his laptop and I can't believe that I onlin-ed there till almost 2 am!! OMG.

See? This is what happens to ppl who are extremely internet-deprived (MSN-deprived even more so)!! lol.

I was so damn sleepy but I wanted to online. Ha. Typical.

Anyway, will blog more later coz this post is too long ade. A lot of other things happened during the weekend too.

Major changes. More later lah! :)

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