Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Nick, Same Ol' Me

As some of the observant you might have noticed, I'm Disenfranchised Girl no more... My new nick will be Zzzyun~~! :D

Well, I've decided that there is no use in hiding behind a cool nickname anymore when ppl keep linking me using my real name. Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Haha. Besides, my blog is rather open to public viewing anyway with all the free publicity and all. :D

Yes, I know, my new nick here ain't exactly my real name but it's close.. :P And it's totally shorter too, so easier for others (and me too) to type...

And it's more snazzy? I hope so... The 'zzz' part of the name has a hidden meaning too, if you haven't figured it out yourself.. It means I'm a total sleepyhead~ lol.

So there you go, a brand new nick but the same ol' funny me. Hope you enjoy reading my (disenfranchised = unique) blog! :D

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