Monday, May 29, 2006

I Think...

...they are treating me like one of the guys. :O


Okay, let me back up and explain myself. Recently, during weekends, I always hang out with this bunch of peeps (which mostly are guys lah) when we go out for lunch and dinner in Sri Petaling.

All of them are my batchmates but I've gotten to know them quite well thru various ways like:-

  1. Orientation group members. No explanations needed lah.

  2. Fellow Aikido members. Trained together so long ade, sure more familiar right?

  3. Quite a few lunches and dinners together. We're rather a jovial, crazy and *what's the word for it* rowdy bunch sometimes. :P

Anyway, there was once I went out with dinner with 9 guys leh!! No girl at all summore. :O Aiya, dunno why the girls here don't wanna come out for dinner one... Strange lah.]

But that's not the problem.

Somehow, they don't treat me like a girl (not that I want to be helped around, I can stand on my own feet ya know) it's just that sometimes they talked about certain guy things that girls are normally not privy to, around me leh.


  1. Girls. [Haha, this is rather interesting... *Evil Grin* Since I get to know the guys' perspective about us... Will report back to headquarters soon.. Hehe.]

  2. Porn. -_- Ok, they were just kidding, well, I hope. *Gulps*

  3. Games in all types and forms. Me likey~

  4. Got other things summore, but sorry, my brain has turned to mush ade. You get the drift lah..

Luckily, I'm a rather casual and laid-back person [or so I like to think] so I don't really mind. In fact, I can hold my own in such conversations too. ^_^ I think it's becoz I'm rather tomboyish too and I grew up in a family of boys. All my cousins near my age were guys so naturally I grew up knowing a lot (and playing a lot) of guys' games lah.

I used to play Command and Conquer and Rockman style of games. Not bad at them too okay~ [Don't look so surprised pls~] I still play a lot of PS2 and computer games (I miss my PS2 a lot leh!!!!) but now at least I play a combination of girl-ish and guy-ish games, if you hvta classify them lah..

I just can't wait to try Civilization IV - recommended by Jun Lin as to be very good - and DoTA that is claimed by many to be really addictive. I wouldn't mind trying out DoTA sometime (actually tried a few times ade) and writing up a post about it... It seems cool btw. But wait, gotta study!! *Sigh*

Oops, digressed abit. Not here to talk about my prowess at gaming. Hehe...

Well, these guys seemed to forget that I am a girl sometimes... -_-" but I find it amusing though. It's really interesting to learn about the guy's perspective and how they view the world...


In Chinese, there's a proverb = "Know yourself, know your enemy, you'll surely win in every battle."

I am on the winning side... :P *Smug look* Hahaha...


Sun Tzu II said...

Walao, out alone with 9 guys, better becareful. You'll never know.

HQ? What HQ? Is there some evil conspiracy going on among girls? Yikes... 71% of my class are female. Better start running.

By the way, Civilization IV is still the 2nd top rated game at, or #1 if you consider PC games only. I've deleted it though, no one to play with. It gets a little boring after whacking the computer player (or the other way round) for a couple of months.

Anyway, I'll leave you to fight your little war now. cya.

Good luck, lol.

Can't believe you can actually stomach such conversations. Sometimes I just can't stand and walk out of the room.

amused guy said...

what are you trying to win?

michelleg said...

i can quite relate to ur post. im quite used to hanging out with guys most of the time. sometimes it's quite fun w/o all the girly stuff. since im the only girl in my family too so sama as u la.

guys usually like to talk about games, games and games. occasionally porn. it's like nothing for them but a taboo for girls? unfair.. nothing wrong with talking about porn. haha.. opps.. at least u r exposed/know something about it.

i played dota a few times but i dun really like it. i prefer simpler games.. haha.. but PS2 is really good..cant wait for EOS to end and enjoy..

Zzzyun said...

suntzu> I'll be careful, but we only go makan in public places only...dont worry! but thks for ur concern... :)

What's wrong with such conversations? summore you're a guy wo.. You really need more exposure lah.. The world out that is like that. hehe..

amused guy> Erm, not trying to win anything lah.. Just a figure of speech...Haha. Do I know u btw?

Zzzyun said...

Yalo, I agree, hanging out with guys sometimes is more fun, since they are more relaxed...and laid back. :P

Games? No sweat~ Just that nowadays not much time to play lah.. *Sigh* Yeah, really cant wait for EOS to end and go back to my PS2 at home!! Haih..

Porn? Erm, let's just say that it was funny...and educational.. (but not necessarily must be me learning ya...haha, u know what i

When they talk about girls, ah ha, that's when it gets interesting...Hehe... *grins*

eve said...

Hehehe... are you sure they will still treat you macam biasa when you blog about it already ah? They might just decide to go makan without you so that their conversations will not get blogged leh

Zzzyun said...

Haha... Good point, come to think of it~

Hope they dont read this~ :O

*Hands flail wildly*

Or else during weekends sure die of starvation ade... lol.