Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Simply Random

Miss procastinator shall do what she does best and leave some of the best posts to the last (meaning no Broga Camp posts yet, sorry guys! Hehe.) Suspense lah~ lol.

Anyway, had my 2nd patient-interview today, it went okay, but I tot my 1st one was better.. *Shrugs* Whatever. This SP was a 69 year old lady having itchiness on her arm, face and back... She was working as a waitress. [Waaait a minute, a 69 year old waitress? Huh? Nvm..]

Ah, shall not blog abt that anymore, coz it's getting kinda boring. :P Anyway, our video review was after both interviews coz pjambu was not free yesterday. When we went to see him, the earlier havent even gone in. Dunno which group took so much time that it overlapped into our time. Aikz.

So, we went to tend to our grumbling stomachs first... Our group (Group 26 = yeeyoon + shin anne + tucklam + nikram + khairiyah) plus ellice and the gang went to this mamak store in Sri Petaling lah. Not bad food... but I've had better.

After a rush lunch, we're baaack... Waited for a while b4 we're in pjambu's room. He reviewed all our videos and the main problem with most of us were posture, posture, posture~ Sigh. I was kinda leaning on my left hand and I wouldn't have noticed if not for the funny video. Oh well, there's always room for improvement. lalalala...


The server was down again [Facilities? What facilities do we have here?], so had to continue today (as in thursday)... and I totally forgot what I wanted to blog about. Pretty sure I had smtg [important] to say, but nvm...

Well, they recently opened up the scaffoldings that enclosed my uni b4 this and now the sunlight streams thru the panes, and it's so bright! So much better than the dreary and dark uni that I've kinda gotten used to... All I say is, wow, so this was how it looks like b4 the renovation... Not bad~ Now, if the atrium was finished, that shld be cooler. :)

Hmmm... I totally haven't been studying much recently and I feel SO guilty...!! :( Relaxing a tad too much!! O.o

See what I have done recently:-

  1. Went for Broga Camp [Nope, I didn't regret that],

  2. Aikido sessions twice weekly [Erm, no comment~],

  3. Went for the Chinese singing competition last night [planned to stay for abt two hours only, manatau dragged till four hours okay, Damnit, I've no self-control..]

  4. And tmr, me and a bunch of batchmates will be going out to watch Da Vinci Code & celebrate LiYann's bday too...!

I'm soooo going to fail, if I don't buck up soon, I can feel it in my bones... T_T


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