Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Exams Are Not Good 4 Procastinators

Sigh, very sien lah recently... Exams are coming soon *Huge groan* and I haven't been studying dilligently as I wanted to... But what else is new? :P

I also blog more when I feel stressed leh, did you guys notice that? Haha.

Hey, that's a "positive feedback mechanism" leh. Oops, jargon jargon.

SEE:- I hvta study more --> so feel more stressed coz lack of time --> need to blog more to destress --> have even less time to study --> even more stress.

Wah, that's a damn vicious cycle leh. I am so addicted to blogging. Dang.

Anyway, a few updates about my personal life. Will be moving after sem 1, so went house-hunting with Quek last sunday. Saw a few houses but wasn't really satisfied. The strange thing, we were taken to see the exact same house twice by 2 different agents, but funnily the price quoted by them were different by RM100/month. Hmm... Of coz take the cheaper one lah. Hehe.

Well, will be going to see the house again later with another housemate, hope that I'll able to secure a house soon. I like things like this to be settled earlier.. [Don't really wanna sleep on the streets during July leh.. lol.]

It's not furnished, so I guess that means we'll hvta buy more stuff again. Haih. I'll be staying with two of my high school frenz, Quek and Dory!! :D Cool~

Unfortunately, they are both pharm students, so that means no one to wake me up when I oversleep lah... Haha. But I'll survive. [Been surviving so far, haven't I? :P]

I guess that's all for now. Feel a bit tired liao.

And the clothes left to iron are pilling up. Don't need to mention the amount of studying left undone. *Sigh* But what to do, I am a professional when it comes to procastinating! Blek. (Check out my profile~ :P)

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