Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And Yet Another Bday

Just a short post since senpai is ticking me off for enjoying myself too much. Hehe. *Gotta study!!*

Anyway, it was Hwei Sung's 20th bday and the celebrations for it was fun! [So many bdays recently, I'm sooo broke! Over-budget ade!! T_T] Went to his house at 8pm in Beh's car since it was raining rather heavily at that time - thanks for the lift - and we ppl gathered outside b4 rushing in like the SWAT team... Hahaha.

Kee already gave us the key so we just let outselves in lah. Kinda funny that.

Unfortunately, bday boy was not really surprised wo... Aiya. Since his housemates are so un-adept at keeping it a surprise. I mean, come on, they placed the plastic plates and cups in full view in the kitchen okay.. Summore they also put the cake just like that in the fridge wo. Tsk tsk. They really need to buy a "Organizing Surprise Parties for Dummies Guide" or something. lol.

Anyway, they didn't tell me there was going to be pizza, drinks and stufff with the cake so I already had dinner b4 I came. So was damn full after a slice of Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheesecake (yum yum) and a slice of pizza... The same old carbs carbs story lah.. I shall not repeat myself. Bleh.

We had 2 bottles sparkling juice [Ohhh, so that was what it was for, was wondering why they bought it the other day] as drinks. Quite nice~

The guys wanted to 'rape' the bday boy [I think they got 'disorientated' after Orientation, this is what I meant when I said they're scarred for life, so sad~] but in the end, nothing really happened. Haha.

After feeding ourselves silly, we watched tv, chatted for quite some time b4 deciding to call it a day.. The other girls wanted to go back already, and I'm too lazy to walk home in the dark + rain, so of coz must follow Beh's car lah.. Hehe.

So that was that lah. I'm too lazy to say anymore. I'm tired.

Now, I really gotta FOCUS when it comes to studying!!


There, I hope that went into my thick skull. Bah.

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