Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another Day Spent Not Studying

Went to watch Da Vinci Code yesterday with about 26 batchmates... Woah~ Look out, M1/06 is taking over Sunway Pyramid's TGV...! Haha. We went after class in TuckLam's car - thanks for the lift! - and hung around, waiting for the movie to start.

To whirl time away (and my money, blek), we went to Baskin Robbin for ice-cream! :D I just lurve ice-cream! Pity that it wasn't the 31st that day...

I decided to try Winter White Chocolate, it was okay, but not as nice as I tot it'd be, I think the minty smell kinda ruined the overall taste. Valene's Twinberry Cheesecake was the best! [Next time, I'm getting that!!] I know, coz we had a taste-testing session which means everyone tried everyone's ice-cream lah... lol.

After indulging in the ice-cream, it was almost time to go in and watch the movie. We bought popcorn, and it was pretty bad of them to force me to finish the large popcorn on my own sometime during the middle of the movie. Made me so full ~! Aikz.

Anyway, about the movie, imho, it wasn't really good, but it wasn't that bad as what some ppl claimed..

Here is the overall feel you might get if:-

  • you haven't read the book, you might get confused over some parts, but still give thumbs up.

  • you read the book right before watching the movie, you would probably think that it sucked, since it chopped off and changed many parts, I think.

  • you read the book a looong time ago (this is me~) and can't really rmb most of it, you would probably think it was pretty okay, but still go Huh? when some parts which you are pretty sure weren't there b4 appear...

It is a bit lengthy - 2 and a half hours - with the universal side effect of making the audience a tad sleepy. I totally felt sleepy after the movie, which is considered okay ade, since some frenz kinda dozed off during the movie. Lol. What can I say? I have a better attention span? Haha.

And what's with Tom Hanks's bad hairstyle? It made him looked like he was balding or smtg. Totally cannot tahan it~! Give me some scissors and gel! They really shld fire his hairstylist!

Yes, yes, I know that Robert Langdon is not supposed to be good-looking or handsome in the book, but he was described as 'distinguished-looking', which I think Tom Hanks was SO not~ But whatever.

And what's with the lack of English subtitles?? I mean almost 50% of the movie was in Spanish and they had to take away the English subtitles? This is totally weird. A batchmate had to keep translating for some of the foreign students for the entire length of the movie. Pity lah... Really Msia boleh lo~ *Sarcastic tone*

Spoiler Alert => Btw, what's with the super-imposing of Mary Magdalene onto Jesus's shoulder?? That was sooo not in the book okay~ But rather creative of them to think of it though. :P

Hmm. Enough of ranting abt the movie.

After the movie, it was time for lunch! We M1/06's split into two groups, one went to Hart's Chicken Buffet (moi included) while the other went to Kim Gary. I was torn between the two choices but decided to try smtg new in the end. :D But later found out that Kim Gary was closed so they went to A&W instead. Oh well, made the right choice~

Anyway, Hart's Chicken Buffet was good~ Thanks to papa Kajen for recommending it to us!Totally yummy and worth-it!! [We adopted Kajen as our surrogate father since he was fathering us then, haha]. The best thing there was definitely the fried chicken~ (It's not called Hart's Chicken Buffet for nothing..) *Drools*

The other food there was pretty good too, many sumptuous choices. :D There was soup, salads, lots of fried stuff and even ice-cream! Omg, I'm totally pilling on the carbs! Bad for health leh... O.o

So after a few helpings, hehe, we're done. Yes, of coz, we sang Li Yann her bday song! :D

I had to do some toiletry shopping b4 we could go to. Nice of them to wait for me. What to do, almost out of shower foam~

Well, Pui Fun and I had hatched a plan that we two would go off on the pretext of buying toiletry (I really had to buy some actually), while she would sneak off to buy Li Yann a bday cake...and the plan almost went off without a hitch, if not for fate.

The others went to find us a while later and to Pui Fun's dismay, on the way there, they saw her in the cake shop. Aikz. So, the cat was let out of the bag. But anyhow, she would have known sooner or later...

After I bought my toiletry plus some snacks [sorry, I just couldn't resist], we were off! They decided to come to my humble little home to celebrate since I was the only with a lighter. Haha, funny reason, that.

And so we sang Li Yann another two renditions of bday songs before letting her blow the candles of the American Chocolate cake... It was pretty delicious! [Ow, carbs, carbs, oops, I'm turning into someone I know, who's totally obsessed with her calorie intake... O.o Better not go there~ I'm just kidding lah..]

After some chit-chat - not the stiff type with our SPs okay - they went off to Pui Fun + Sue Wen's house... We were planning to go watch the Finals of the Chinese Singing Competition held in no other place but my uni~

The competition was pretty 'havoc', as PJambu, a lecturer would say. But more later~ This post is getting a tad too long. :D

PS = Just found out that we didn't exactly complete every station during Treasure Hunt. Apparently, we missed out on one [only one lah] of the worst stations. Thank god~ How did I know?

Well, Janet who I got to know during Broga Camp asked whether I rmbed her from orientation...and the answer was negative. She then started describing her station which was an infamous one that I had heard of before somewhere.. It had smtg to do with taking smelly stuff of a fridge (dunno what they had to do with it and I don't think I wanna know) and the tip of the iceberg was that the juniors had to *drum roll* french-kiss a fish!!!

Ah ha. I can see many mouths hanging open. Haha...

Just glad that I missed that one. Hehe.

I mean, if we have to do it, we'd probably be the worst off, coz we'd be the last group to French-kiss that fish after dunno how many lips had played tonsil tennis with that poor little fish. Major Eww!! *Gags and vomits*

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