Monday, May 22, 2006

Sing Your Hearts Out

This post will be continous from the previous and will talk about nothing other but the Finals of the Chinese Singing Competition. (Well, I hope.)

Anyway, I went about half an hour earlier and only managed to bag a few places 4 my frenz when some ppl moved away. Or else for sure have to sit on the stairs ade.. Haha. Response not bad, most ppl staying around here turned out for it, especially our super enthusiatic M1/06 and P1/06 batches!

We're the most spirited, I must say~ I think we must really 'miss' the cheer fights during orientation, coz we're totally shouting to the rhythm of >> Phar-ma-cy, Me-di-cine << almost the whole duration of the comp. I sooooo lurve the feeling of united-ness!!

Anyway, some of the ckeeky ones decided to change the rhythm to >> Phar-ma-cy, Nur-sing << since they said they're shouting on the behalf of the ppl from nursing. -_-" Funny lah, these guys~

Since I'm one of the crazy super-enthusiastic sem1s, I waved using my super bright light from my handphone..while there was one who used a really bright coloured torch! Chun~ Wanted to buy the pretty glowsticks but they have already sold out by the time I wanted to buy. So not fair! T_T

Okay, I'll not beat around the bush anymore and go rant abt the competition.

I want to say this:- All the finalists were damn good man! They really are in the wrong career!! Haha.

We have 3 batchmates as finalists => Hwei Sung, Zher Lin and Ester. The first 2 are my orientation group members, so of coz I know them well lah. [I think one will always have a special bond with one's orientation group members lo..] Ester's singing was rather good, considering that she doesn't know chinese (Wah) and is singing using HanYuPinYin only lo. Not bad~

Later after everyone had sung, they chose another 5 finalists from the 12 original finalists. And *tada* Hwei Sung was in!! Yayz~ Uber cool!

To determine the placings, they were required to sing the song, The Moon Represents My Heart, in a as creative way as they could. And Hwei Sung was damn good leh!! Summore got Acapella effect leh! (I rmbed he tried smtg like that during orientation, but forgot for what ade..haha).

Anyway, the winners were:-

  1. Shin Han (from pharm and I concede, she is good),

  2. Hwei Sung!! (Hurray for M1/06!)

  3. Some rapper dude who like singing Jay Chou songs, pity he couldn't rap that classical song. Or that'd be classic, so to speak. :P

So, who said that we are a bunch of nerds? We are sooo totally not! *Grins widely*

Okay, for the group category though, the winner of the night goes to no other group but that of the widely popular San Zhi Xiao Chu = 3 little pigs.. :D They are a damn entertaining group, accompanying their songs with wildly funny movements. So cute! They even came dressed in suspenders and bow ties!! But I think they didn't think that they would win, since they said that their main aim was just to entertain! How nice of them~

Astro Talent Quest 2005 Champion - ChanKokFai was the guest artist of the night (beside another chinese-opera-singing lady). I'm not a fan of him, but his voice is nice I guess.

After that, it was his autograph session and blah blah blah. I went home after that since it was quite late ade.. Only to hear later that many of my batchmates went to Steven's Corner later.. Aiya, I wanna go~ Shld had stayed on later. Haha. Oops, I seemed to be going out extremely alot these few days.

Inner Voice: Bad girl!! Baaaad girl~

I guess that's the general overview of the competition! Just wanna congratulate Hwei Sung on his victory! And Happy 20th Birthday too!! That calls for a double celebration! :D

I really must amend an assumption that I stated here earlier.

==> Who said that life in Imu is boring? It totally is SO not...

I'm totally having my hands full, it seems almost as though there is something going on everyday! But I think it depends on whether you wanna be a joiner or a loner, I guess. :P

Whatever, I have always believe in living a wholesome life, and now I'm really living it! Yayz~

PS:- Hey, you never know, I just might join the singing competition next year! :P Had a little inclination to join this time, but I was just too busy with my other ECA lah.. You know lah. Hehe. Btw, might be going to Redbox this week with the singing-addicted gang. lol. Going out, again. Seriously, I'm having too much fun. Blek. Anyway, still...



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I'm trying to get some sleep here.

Zzzyun said...

Aikz, it's just a figurative phrase~

But kinda funny if u interpret it literally... :)

Sun Tzu II said...

The humour is intentional :)