Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thou Shall Not Tempt Me...

...coz I lack self-control. But seriously, I think I am improving. [Can you believe that?]

Yesterday Yao asked me whether I want to go watch X-Men 3 with 20 something batchmates again [Wah, taking over which cinema this time?] but I managed to pull out all my resistance and said a difficult-to-utter NO.

*The Angel inside me starts celebrating while the Devil inside me droops sadly like an ice-cream left in the sun...okay maybe that description is a bit weird*

I was so so so so tempted to say Yes and go, you know. Coz I really wanna watch X-Men 3 wo...

I even prefer it over the Da Vinci Code leh... Coz I have a thing for superheroes movies.. [Wait, not those holier-than-thou, geeky type of superhero movies, I like the cool mutant type of superheroes.. Dunno why, always tot it would be wayyyy cool to have such superpowers. Hehe. But if you ask me what superpower I want, I'd be too confused over the plethora of choices to choose. Haha.]

Anyway, I still very desperately wanna watch that movie! I'd rather forego Gunung Patah Belakang (Don't understand? Brokeback Mountain lah..), MI3 and whatever others you can think of in exchange to watch that one.

So you can imagine the amount of self-control I exerted to say that tiny syllable made up two letters --> NO. *Sigh*

I understand there is more to life that mugging (Actually I think I practice that theory a bit too perfectly if you ask me..) but I think I am getting a little overboard. Time to pull in the reins, girl.

Coz you see, if I go watch that movie after class today + go Redbox on Friday + later that night go watch the play, Phantom of the Opera + Forum dinner = Sure recipe for Failure in test.

Okay okay, I am exaggerating... But I am not exaggerating when I say I am very very behind in my studies...

Now, don't you start saying: "Don't bluff lah, you study a lot ade lah, I know.."

Coz that might just be the very last thing you say... *Ominous tone*

Sometimes, I just can't stand ppl who say that, as if everyone is as hardworking + smart + nerdy as them. Bah! It's good enough that you're up to date to your studies, pls do not expect everyone to be like you, coz who wants to be anyway? Ha.

::Disclaimer:: Wait, don't jump to conclusions yet! No one had said that to me in Imu, yet.. (where else can I hide the body anyway? lol) It's just what that happened to a fren sometime ago, and hell, it's rather applicable here. Tsk tsk.

Opps, I digressed. Well, just take note not to say that to me lah, if you value your life. [Yes, I am kidding lah!! What do you take me for? I am not that hot-tempered to kill someone for something stupid he said lah.. lol. Or else sure a lot of ppl die ade lo... -_-"]

Anyway, pardon me if I sound pissed, a girl can be emo sometimes, can't she? *Flashes licence to be emo* Haha..

Okay, back back~ Erm, just wanna congratulate myself on the fact that I managed to stop myself from watching what would have been my favourite movie of the year. Now, is that worth congratulating myself for? ISH.

*Change tactics *

Okay, I congratulate myself on the fact that I managed to exert enough self-control even when the desire exceeds the need thus so far. Yes, that makes me feel better... Oh well, it is for a good cause... Haha.

Ah, begone all evil temptations! The age-old battle continues. Watch out for the next episode! (I am sure it will be soon, with Summative 2 looming oh-so-ominously in the near horizon. Arggh.)

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