Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just My Luck

Sigh, PBL just now was pretty terrible. :(

*Rainclouds start appearing over my head*

I mean, a biostatistics PBL is sucky enough - coz nothing much to talk about - and even more so if your PBL group just happened to be a group of unproactive and uninitiative ppl thrown together. Bah. [It could be more interesting if there was more discussion!!] Yes, I did try to do my bit, but the response was just blah when I opened up my mouth and risked looking like a fool.

I mean, compared to my fren's groups, my group is sooo quiet!! We just do the minimal and that's all, we pack and go home. Wth. Luckily PBL is not that important for sem1, or we'll surely suffer during exams.

I just pray that I'll get a better PBL group for the next few sems I am here. I mean, come on, what's the probability of having almost ALL quiet ppl in one group? Shldn't be a big possibility, but I think that just happened to me. Sigh. Don't bother about me, it's just my sort of luck again.

Whatever. -_-

Anyway, what's worst was that it totally got off on the wrong footing. JPJ was filling in as fascilitator today. I asked the leader maybe if we could go a bit earlier to help prepare and compile data and stuff. But manatau he tot that we started early without him due to a miscommunication and started saying that we tot the fascilitator was "superfluous" etc.

Luckily, I managed to settle the muddle b4 it got worst. He was really starting to get angry leh.. Scary. O.o


I think I'm skipping Aikido later and I feel SO guilty. That's just me, of coz. I'm programmed like that, dunno why. But I can't afford to go to Aikido, since I'll be out almost the whole day tmr. *Huge Sigh*

But you never know, my guilt might overwhelm me so much so that I'll go in the end. We'll see who wins this battle in the end. [Will report back to you guys later~ Haha.]


Two ironies happened just now. (Yes, my fate is working against me again.)

As soon as I posted my last post - must read previous post to understand this ya - someone straight away walked up and told me what I hated to hear.

  • "Eh, don't bluff lah, I'm sure you study more than that ade.." *Strangles the person*

  • "Hey, wanna go watch X-Men 3 tmr?"

I'm so so bummed.

But I guess going to Redbox tmr is a sure way to cheer myself up. Don't forget the Phantom of the Opera thing too!

*Rainclouds start clearing up* :D

Blogging never fails to make me feel better. Blogging --> the best remedy for attack of the miserables!! Yeah~


raptor_ravenlord said...

u learn aikido? how long hv u trained? interesting..

Zzzyun said...

oh, didnt know u were still reading my blog.. :)

Anyway, I started training abt 3 months ago, when i came into imu..

It's pretty fun and interesting actually... :D

Ah Pei said...

ooouuchhh!!! that bad meh our pbl group? hahaha....

Zzzyun said...

okla, not tat bad lah...

i was a bit emo that time... :P

haha, of coz, you're a pretty active speaker of coz. :D