Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aikido-ing + Sing-ing

Ha. I went aikido-ing in the end. So what? Bite me.

It was a bad choice though. There were no seniors that day (all studying their asses off for exams! What about me??) so we're rather tidak bersemangat plus it was raining heavily too.

Sigh sigh, why did I choose to go? Why do I feel guilty about skipping? Arggh.



Went Redbox as planned, with hweisung, zherlin, beh and szewei. Had major FUN singing after a hiatus of what? 3 months? Keke.

Hwei sung's voice is just too damn good! I wished I have a voice like that.. *Turns green with envy*

Anyway, if it wasn't for exams coming soon, I'd lurve to go again with them... *Sigh*

They tot that my voice was pretty ok, except that I needed more training + polishing. I think they're right... Must practice more in the bathroom then! Hahaha..

Ok, gotta study liao. Library's going to close soon anyway, due to a planned power outage. Ciao for now! :D


Sun Tzu II said...

Strange. IICP just had a planned outage on Tuesday. TNB had a truck loaded with a huge backup generator though, so power was back in 30 minutes or so.

Wonder what's this all about?

Something to do with the recent electricity price hike? lol :D

Zzzyun said...


The power outage is prob becoz my uni is doing renovations i think..

Somemore the cafe that is normally opened was closed, and left many ppl staying here foundering 4 food.

but not me though. :P Hehe.