Tuesday, August 15, 2006

:: A Blog For All ::

Ahhh. My memory hasn't totally deserted me. I suddenly remembered an idea that was pitched by moi and seconded by a few frenz sometime ago.

*drum roll pls* Brilliant me (ok, maybe not so brilliant, j/k) is proposing the idea of starting... an M106 blog!!! Isn't that so freakingly cool? XD

I know what you guys are thinking now. What the heck would we blog about? Studies? Isn't that boring enough? -_-

Nope, ladies and gentlemen, (although of coz you would be allowed to blog about studies if you want to), our main focus of the blog would not be that, we would be allowed to blog about anything related to our lives in IMU... Events happening there, our thoughts about Life, jokes to lighten up a bad day, ah.. the possibilities are endless! ^o^

It would be something like the imucampus forum that we have currently, but just in a different medium, we do it blogging style! Yayz~

I figured that we'd have no shortage of resources since in the M106 batch alone, we have so many enthusiastic bloggers already. :) I've linked quite a few batchmates' blogs and I think there are more, don't you think so?

Blogging is kinda like a hobby to me (and many others' too, I reckoned). And since we have clubs for flower arranging and stamp-collecting etc, why not a united blog for bloggers alike? Of coz, we shall start on a smaller scale by starting with a M106 blog first... ^v^ The idea's a feasible one, isn't it?

Anyway, this is just a bare stripped-down idea. I'd like to hear how you guys would respond to such an idea [and are you all willing to contribute? Pretty please? :P] and of coz, your ideas on how it could be an even better blog! [if the idea takes off, of course]

So comments are wildly welcomed for this post!! Clickety-click~ :D


Bee Hoon said...

i think it's a good idea:)

Sun Tzu II said...

Hmm... what mischief will I read about there?

Or will it block me off with a password?


Zzzyun said...

thks 4 the vote of confidence, beehoon! Anyone else??

suntzu, mischief? ah no no, we're law abiding citizens.. hehe..

password? we shall see, to keep the riff-raff out of coz. :P but it'll surely be interesting i think. :)

Ah Pei said...

yeah...great idea....i'll definitely want in on this one!!! hope it will materialize..:>

Zzzyun said...

ah thank you! :D

hopefully it'll materalize but i think i need more publicity though.

*imp* anyone willing to pitch this idea in their blogs too? it'll definitely help since we need to reach more peeps!

Shea Speare said...

Not bad! Not bad!