Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Strong & The Protective

Was reading someone's blog when I stumbled upon these phrases. I'd have brushed them off without another thought if it was a few months ago. But then, things are different now.

Here are the two phrases:-

  • Did you know that those who appear to be very strong in heart, are really weak and most susceptible?

  • Did you know that those who spend their time protecting others are the ones that really need someone to protect them?

Yeah. I remember thinking that I was a strong person emotionally. But sadly, in recent days, I'm to find out that that was not the case. :(

Probably, last time, I just didn't really care enough. That's all. Or I just made myself not to care about stuff, coz the less you care about smtg, the less you'll get hurt if anything changes. But is this how I want to live my life? I really gotta question myself.

Alas, the phrase is so true. I may appear to be strong (or so I think), but inside, I think I'm really weak and susceptible. My heart is fragile. *piang - sound of heart breaking*

Ok, what am I crapping here! *slaps self*

On to the next phrase then. Protecting ppl... Hmm. *deep in thought* I guess I do feel indignant on others' behalf when they're unjustly treated. And I might defend or help them on their behalf. Depends lah, if dealing with yakuza (japanese for gangters), sorry lah, moi can't help. Hehe.

So does that mean I need someone to protect me too? In penang, I've my dear dad. But when away from home? No one lo..

The only place that I can feel completely safe is in my penang home. In KL, I can never feel wholly safe, even though when I'm at my vista home. This is becoz the crime rate is freaking high! Scary lah, to someone not from KL. I'm always alert when I'm out on the streets. But that's a good thing I guess.

But that feeling of comfiness and safeness can only be gotten in the place we call Home. *sigh* Will be going back to the unsafe feeling in a few days. Can I don't go back ah? :'( Haha, j/k lah! Being OO for the next batch, shld be fun, not to mention dirty! -_-"" lol.

Anyway, if you'd told me this a few years ago, I'd have been so indignant that I might have given you a rude retort. Going thru feminist phrase then. Hehe. But I guess I've changed somewhat over the years..

Having someone to protect me isn't such a bad idea after all. Hmm.

But till I find that someone, I'll continue to be strong [at the very least, try to be lo], but hey, being able to stand on one's own feet is a great thing, you know! :D Cheers~!

Singledom rocks! (^o^)v *hears all the other single ppl out there cheering with me* lol~!

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