Saturday, August 19, 2006

Songs Can Explain More Sometimes

I'm lazy to blog a long post. Nothing especially interesting to write about too.

Anyway, found this page that might be of interest to some. Some of it is sooo true! It's all in chinese, so if you can't read, sorry lah! Go and learn! Haha.

Recently, besides listening to Ah Mei's new song, 我要快乐 (Wo Yao Kuai Le = I Want To Be Happy), I've also been listening a lot to Rainie Yang's 可爱 (Ke Ai = Loveable). It totally seems to be speaking about my recent feelings! *sigh*

This is the one of the rare occasions that I managed to really tafsir the lyrics of a song. As in really feel what the singer is singing. :( I'm emotionless now. Numb.. I guess time will tell. I really hoped you'd understand me more thru the song but alas... you got confused instead. *sigh*

Below are the lyrics. Sorry again to those who can't read chinese. Hehe. [Well, I finally managed to install my language pack so now I can type in Chinese ade! So must show show a bit, right? :P]

可爱 - Rainie Yang



突然醒来,有你,温暖 依赖(有爱 可以依赖)只是爱与不爱在徘徊,摇摆,


我想你明白,这并不是爱,我想你忘了什么是 爱,我不过是可爱,却还不够被爱.

Well, that's all for now. I don't really have the mood to blog. *runs off to listen to the song again*

PS: Just got my hair cut just now. My head feels so light now! Yayz~ Oh, I think it looks quite ok too. Not bad lah. :)

PPS: To my frenz in KL, I'll be going back to KL around next thursday or friday. I'll hvta miss the 1st meeting on monday unfortunately, but nvm lah. I'll be ready to "greet" the juniors on friday! Hehe. I can't wait to actually do something. Coz I've been in "rotting" mode for too long ade.. Keke..

PPPS: Blogger has just released a new version called Beta Blogger! It's pretty awesome! Now it's so much easier to change fonts, colours and sequence of stuff. No need prior knowledge of html and codes etc. And best of all, finally we have categories to label our posts! Yayz~ [Although I've pretty much amassed quite some knowledge of html prior to this. Hehe. Well, no harm in learning new things, right?] Anyway, don't be suprised if you see my blog revert to its old template or if it's missing some things in the sidebar. I'll be fixing it up. :) I've been using my other blog as a guinea pig btw. Hehe. Ciao~


Shea Speare said...

Where is that Beta Blogger? You didn't link it?

Zzzyun said...

Nope. I think I read somewhere that they're releasing to a selected few first, so that any bugs will be resolved eventually b4 it reaches more ppl...

you'll see it on the right hand side of ur blogger dashboard once it's made available to u...

hehe.. so good that i'm the first few. :D probably becoz i update regularly kua...hehe ^v^