Friday, August 18, 2006

Some Humour About Women

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Hahaha... Oh-so-logically funny, isn't it? I got this in an email from a fren, decided that it was worth sharing with you guys.

But it does not represent my views of coz. Duh.

Becoz if you ask me, women doesn't equal problems. No-no... *wags finger* Men only say that when their own actions cause the trouble in the first place.

Tell you what, women SOLVE problems. Allow me to requote myself.

If women were in charge of the world, there'd be no wars. *peace sign*

Unlike the current situation now. >.<

Hur hur. Yeah, George Bush is still technically a man, in case you're wondering. =.="

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Hehe. The above chart is quite amusing. :P Though some "properties" might be true for some women, but not all lah. Hang it with stereotypes! Haha...

Most powerful money reducing agent known to men? Might be true, but then it's becoz the men let them get away with it. No complaints ya! Hehe.

Besides, a lot of women now do share the breadwinner's role with their husbands. And they are still expected to cook, clean AND take care of the kids, while the husbands laze around, reading the newspapers. (Majority lah, not all.)

Sorry lah, I think of a family as a joint effort, something that BOTH parties should work on. Not just only one, just becoz she's bound by social norms to do so.

Ok. Better stop lecturing. Ppl all chao-ing from my blog ade if I start nagging like grandma. *gasp* Haha.

Look at one of the "common uses". It says women "can greatly aid relaxation". What's that supposed to mean? o.O Are you thinking what I'm thinking? hehehe... :P But it's wrong to think that way though. tsk tsk. *pulls owns ears* lol.

Okla, gotta stop here. Hope you all like this funny post. Something to lighten up the dark dreary days. So smile! (^o^)v

Interesting note: It takes 17 muscles to smile and 34 muscles to frown. Hope I got the numbers right. But it's almost twice, isn't it? So exercise those smiling muscles now! :D

PS: Hey, about the M106 blog thingy... I need more response!! So few ppl reading my blog only meh? Or so few ppl willing to comment meh? :T Terima kasih to those who did though! XD

Sales pitch can be found in this post. Btw, it'd help if some of my batchmates bloggers can write their own sales pitch about this idea in their own blogs. We need to reach out to more peeps!! Not enough publicity~!

Or else I've a bad feeling that this stupid idea is going to fall flat on its hideous butt. *sigh* :( I don't wanna be a failure in pitching ideas to ppl! But guess I got more to learn lo.. Aikz.

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