Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Broga Camp Links

Was looking for inspiration to blog (which is dwindling day by day, sad to say) when I suddenly remembered that I had said I'd blog about the awesome Broga Camp a long time ago, and I haven't... Oops~ Paiseh paiseh...

Sorry ya! Now I'll make it up to you guys, okay? :D

Well, since I suffer from Short-Term Memory Loss Syndrome, I can't really remember the details, so I'll just blog about whatever that I managed to salvage from my poor memory, okay? Hehe.

Just for reference. I've included some of my frenz' account of the wonderful time we had there. Let me link, okie? Thanks!! ^v^

Kajen's various posts

Michelle's various posts

Li Shan's one and only but super long post (that covered a lot of funny events that happened and that I've kinda forgotten until I reread the post. Wee~)

Guess that's all. More than enough posts for you guys to re-read ade lo... Oops, my laziness is overcoming me already..so maybe I'll blog about my version of interesting events that happened in the camp a wee bit later, okay? [Hey, I'm not a professional procastinator for nothing, you know! Hehe..]

PS: Oh ya, got the new OO list via email ade... And not only am I being an official one, I'm even the LeadeR of my group. o.O Yikes~

And charm, don't think there's anyone in my fellow OOs that is capable of buying IMCC stuff or training them for the performance! Haha. But then you never know, they might have hidden talents, waiting to be unveiled.. lol.

Anyway, think I'm going to be needing some help from some pros, especially in that department... Hehe. Anyone up to the job?? Pretty please? ^o^


KeeLaLa said...

Wat department do u mean? The 'sex change'department? Hehehe.

Zzzyun said...

yaya, the sex change department...and other associated training sessions..lol..

help!!! Haha...

eve said...

i can help with the IMCC clothes. know this place with good (relatively) cheap rental. training tak tahu, though. hehe...

Zzzyun said...

oh thanks a lot! that will really help... :D

oh ya, they lent the female clothes to guys wan ah? :O

erm, training ah? *pening* haha, dont worry, we'll figure something out...hehe