Monday, August 14, 2006

Musings From Reading Her Blog

Haven't really finish reading her blog, but from what I can gather from the few posts I did read. She's a simple girl, satisfied with the simple pleasures in life. Family-oriented, tolerant, good at give & take.. Hmmm.

He says she's a "complicated" person. Difficult to understand. Not really, in my book~ But then when have guys ever really wholly understood the female species. -_- Hehe.

Anyway, it casts doubts again. Coz she is so many things I'm NOT.

We're quite wildly different, I dare say. :T I'm not exactly the housewife type (sorry lah!), my tolerance has its limits. Step over the line, I'll give you a piece of my mind. I don't want to be a doormat for others and I'll try my best not to be. I prefer straightforward confrontations to skittering all around the issue when it comes to resolving most problems. I know the truth hurts, but believe me, sometimes it's the best approach. [Of coz, use your discretion with this one. Duh.]

I love thrills, new experiences. I wanna try many new things before I leave this earth. But her? She's easily happy, I guess. [not very sure abt this] I love intelligent conversation. I don't mind refined stuff. I love wittyness. I love wordplay. :: Puns, satirical statements, ironic phrases etc ::

I don't like to keep things bottled-up nowadays coz I know that will hurt no one but myself after that incident. Why make myself unhappy, right? After I kiss-and-tell (so to speak), I feel better, lighter. A burden has been lifted. You won't believe how wise my frenz are. The advice they gave was brilliant. Hehe. My frenz are very important to me coz they keep me sane. :P Thanks ya!

She loves children. Me? Ok only.. Not to say very fond of them [mutters: I'll not lie to myself] coz children somehow reminds me of my monsters-in-disguised siblings? Who are the worst babies if you ask me. But then I'm biased. Hehe. Yeah yeah, my siblings can be sweet and everything nice too, but those events are few and far in between. -_- Well, probably there are some very nice and sensible children out there that I haven't yet got to meet. *winks*

Anyway, even the way they both blog have similarities. (oops, I'm being mean thinking abt the many atrocious grammar mistakes. Okay, pretend I didn't say that. Paiseh.) You know what? The things he said to me, I can see the very same ones in her blog. =/ She was (is?) a very influence in his life I can see.

Okay, the main point is: I'm VERY different from her. And that puzzles me.

Why the drastic change in taste, huh? *raised eyebrow* I can see that you are were very concerned abt her. I can feel the warmth, the caring, the missing in every comment you left for her.

Is it possible for something so deep to heal so fast? Hmm.

Maybe I should try to believe you.. but.. it's hard for a cynical person to do.

Maybe my opinion last night was biased. I'm not sure myself. Maybe you'd be happier with her. *sigh* Coz you two seemed more compatible in my screwed-up opinion. [Yes yes, I'm the complicated one. I think too much. Flaw of mine.] Can I make you happy? I dunno. I just know for sure that I'm causing you hurt, pain. I'm sorry...

And why do you keep thinking about the past? Why make yourself unhappy for nothing? Hang it all, I say. I look to the future (yes, I think I more optimistic now) coz it holds endless possibilities. Is this where we differ? Probably.

If you think abt the past just becoz you don't wanna repeat your mistakes, that's ok with me. But what's done is done. You CAN'T change anything. So pls don't make yourself unhappy for nothing.

Our time here on this planet earth is short. I wanna tell myself that I did lead a happy life just before I breathe my last. Now, that, I tell you, is the greatest achievement a person can ever have. :)

PS: If only life was as simple as ABC, wouldn't it be lovely? But guess what? It's not. Arggh.

PPS: Playing sudoku and helping my bro to solve his maths problems helps to keep my mind off things.. Aikz. Btw, I can still rmb my maths! Hehe..

PPPS: If you go @.@ becoz of this post, don't bother. It was never meant to be understood by the major populace. And if you think I was going to provide the link to her blog, think again! I respect ppl's privacy too, you know. -_-

PPPPS: Pls try not to judge me for this post. I just need to think. And blogging is the best option.

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