Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Tad Too Rowdy?

My dad pointed this out to me last night.

It was in the SMS Your Views section of The Star, 31th July 06. Link available here, in case you want evidence.

Here's what someone smsed and I quote:

Noisy bunch

The IMU students in Bkt Jalil noisy at nite by the swimming pool of the condo nearby as though it's their campus. Educated? I think not.

Hmm... Well, I guess some of the uni students can be quite rowdy at night. Not really sure though, erm, how extreme their decibles can be? Hehe. Coz I just moved to the more "happening" Block B just recently.

Anyway, it probably was just a singular matter of high spirits or the exuberance of youth? :P Since they had passed their exams? (I'm just guessing lah, I dunno for sure.)

Whatever. I guess we gotta be mindful of other ppl too. Don't be so engrossed in your partying till to the extent of forgetting about the other residents staying there too lo. :D

Simple matter of Physics, peeps, sound travels upwards at night.

Well, that just proves one thing. We medic students are NO nerds!! ^v^ Actually, we're just human. Hehe.


KeeLaLa said...

Hmm...As I observed, noisy at nite by the pool is a usual matter ler, esp the Vista B's pool. Hehehe. Guess the residents there have to suffer another week? Bcos the M2/06 orientation is coming, which means NOISE! Lolx.

Zzzyun said...

Oh really..? I must be quite dense lei coz the few weeks I stayed there, it was pretty quiet lei..

Or maybe those few weeks were the weeks b4 EOS... *thinks* so everybody stay at home study..hehe..

Haha, I think the residents (esp the kids) would be traumatized by the swimsuit event by the IMCCs! :O


KeeLaLa said...

Wat the...I missed the previous IMCC showdown at the pool. Yish. Tat time was doing the rehersal for variety night until couldnt get to see the swimsuit event. Hope I will not miss it this time! Kekeke...Even though it's sick. =.=

Zzzyun said...

LOL... It IS very sick!! :O Really an eye-opener lei...haha..

but can be pretty traumatisizing..

i cant imagine what the parents will say when the kids ask them: "mama, why these guys dress like girls wan ah? and sumore play in the pool summore..." o.O