Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 1 of Penang Trip

Okay, time to blog about the Penang trip! [I know u guys been dying to read, right? Hehe.] After many many hours of catching up on sleep... Been really sleep deprived the past week.

*grind teeth and points at dark circles under eyes* :P

Day 1

Anyway, I went to meet the guys that came all the way from KL and Malacca on friday afternoon at the hotel. Oh ya, Evelyn was with them too. She had only decided to come for the little trip on that day itself.. That's why she had to buy clothes and stuff after she arrived. Really geng! Don't think I can be that spontaneous.

We had 4 rooms, I shared a room with Eve. Easier if I overnite at the hotel with a true tour guide ma.. Hehe. Ok, I admit, just wanna have more fun lah. Oh ya, shldnt crap too much, or else will have a damn long post again. :P

Hmm. After some rest, everyone decided to have dinner at Tambun (a place famous for great and cheap seafood at the mainland). And I gotta admit, even I was blown away at the price! Rm137 for seafood enough for 10 hungry ppl... Very delicious~ *licks lips*


  • Who came from KL: Kee, (gay poser) Leong, Kee Ping, Thuan Tzen, Evelyn, Roney, Zahir, David, Vinken [last 3 are Kee and Leong's college frenz - really nice funny ppl, hehe], Eugene's the only one from Malacca.

  • Penangnites that joined us: Beh, Li Jie (aka Hercules), Kean Seang, yam Yao (lol), Cheng Ling, Xiao Fen, and last but not least, moi of coz! ^o^

We had a really fulfilling dinner. Even moi who isn't a fan of seafood enjoyed herself, what you think leh? Yummy!!

After reaching the hotel, we took bath while some of the guys went to play snooker lo. They wanted to go arcade but manatau it was closed ade wo so early. Strange. The rest of us just hung around and chatted lo. Our whole gang crappers leh! lol. Some fell asleep halfway though. Haha.

Beh and Kee had to go and fetch 2 of the guys who arrived really late, 3 am in the morning. o.O That bus so slow eh..

The end of the day ended with all of us going to sleep lo. Duh.

I'll blog more later. Pity I don't have any photos of Day 1. Nvm lah. Okay, ciao! :D

Food we had during dinner - get ready to drool - sinfully crispy soft-shelled crabs, nice teochew steamed fish, yummy haeko (dunno call what in english), delicious spicy crabs and some other stuff that I've forgotten. The servings were so large but the prices were so damn cheap! Great!! XD Definitely cannot get this in KL... haha.


Roons said...

Ziyun!!! moi lui pang yau!! kidding :P
Hurry up and write more details!!
On the way to Penang me, thuan tzen and eve saw a really cool lorry without it's body on the road..
And on the first day we went to some place to eat lunch as well. i think somethink along the lines of tanker..

Ps: I'm leaving a comment here ya, so i'm keeping my end of the deal :P
Make sure you keep yours too...
Our little secret hehehe


anne said...

goodness me, cant believe you left me out on this penang trip =(
okay im just bluffing yah! heyyyy glad u had a really good time there =D! when u come back betta show me the lovely photos okyy? take care & lotsa love =)

LEoNY said...

>.< gay poser pulak !! GRrrr
anyway i seriously miss the CHEAP and tasty !! can u go ask the boss to open a branch at KL :) we'll be his number 1 customer ;)

eve said...

hey since the seafood place is halal, just ask him to come and open in IMU la. RM12 for that fantastic uber-filling, finger licking dinner. Goodness...

KeeLaLa said...

Wah...After penang trip Leong and Roney also visit ur blog page d. Popular hoh~
Yea, we want more time together in Penang. Don't u all think so? =P

Zzzyun said...

Haha...surprised at the sudden number of comments! lol.

Roney> The place u went to is known as Super Tanker. And abt the deal...we'll see how things go lah. hehe.

Anne> Welcome you to come visit pg during the hols! You'd surely love the food as i've so many ppl to testify to that fact... :)

Zzzyun said...

leony> Haha, ppl call u gay poser, not meh? lol. :P Aiyak, why that u didnt ask the boss then and there only say, too late ade. >.< but syiok lei, its so damn tasty!! *drools*

eve> Yes, it too cheap ade.. but i think once it opens in kl, price sure increase wan...haha.. I feel like going again leh.. *stomach growls* lol..

Zzzyun said...

kee> Haha. I think leong commented coz I call him gay poser!! LOL.. next time i'll call him that again so he'll comment! hehe..

yeah, i think u guys really enjoyed penang, especially the food, u guys can eat! Fuyoh~ And 3 days 2 nites was too short lah...

next time make a longer trip ya..hehe..

Food glorious food! I'll hvta stuff myself full first b4 go back KL.. ^o^

roons said...

Eh please la...
i visit your blogs (kee, eve, annes) once in a while alrite.. i just don't leave any comments..