Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ugly Truths

Suddenly felt rather emo after the last post. Coz i read something I didn't like while looking for the phrase for the last post. All these emotions welding up inside, screaming to be let out into the open... [One of the reasons I blog, it allows me my own not-so-private ranting space..]

Somehow I can't shake off the dark shadow that haunts your very existence into my life. I tot I've conquered it, but alas, it was not to be. :T I'm not as strong as I tot myself to be. *sigh*

Sometimes I just feel like shrugging the whole thing off, you know? To pretend that it was nothing but a fluke... :( Just a coincidence. Nothing more...

Maybe I can live better after this, who knows. I'm good at giving things up anyway. -_- At least my mind will be at peace then. [Why do some ppl seemed to be able to progress thru it oh-so-naturally? Bah!]

Ah, I'm insecure. Maybe I'm really not ready. Too immature. Too selfish. Sorry, I guess I'm just too good at blogging ugly truths. :(

You know what, I really dunno what I want. Fool I am. :T

Vague I know. That's how I am when I blog emotionally. *sigh*


KeeLaLa said...

Huh? Is it becos of reading my blog and u got emo? I'm sry...

roons said...

haha must be because of that i have to bear listening to that song!!

em... i don't think it's fair to deny the fact that we all need someone to talk to.

after all human are social animals, without contact with another human i doubt we'll be as productive ...

Zzzyun said...

kee> it's not ur fault..

roney> Ah, you got my intentions misunderstood.

I never said we didn't need someone to talk to... but won't frenz do just as well? Why must it be that special someone?

Seriously i'm grateful that i'm blessed with so many good frenz who are always there for me. *contented sigh*

eve said...


It IS vague. I'm gonna recommend you for the IMU English classes wei. Hehe... Forgive me if I interpret ir wrongly.

The need for that special someone is really nothing wrong. Very few people move along without thinking once in a while what life would be when there's someone to make you smile just thinking about him/her, someone who makes your heart get all warm and fuzzy. We're like that sometimes...

Youths are known to be brave...

But getting into a relationship is requires a different kind of courage. My friend said that it's like saying, "here's my heart, all vulnerable. I'm giving it to you and trusting you to take care of it". If you feel insecure and unready, no one can fault you for it.

Be lucky, Ziyun.

Zzzyun said...

thanks 4 the hug, fren. kinda needed it, even tho it's digital sorta hug, if u know what i mean. hehe.

ur advice is always so illuminating. :)

and yes, maybe i lack the courage. just hope that I made the right choice. and not miss a blessing in my life that was right in front of my eyes. *sigh*

thanks for being there for me. never regretted having u as a fren. ^v^