Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Good In Everyone Of Us

Ever wondered how funny people are sometimes? I do. Yeah, I even wonder at myself sometimes. Blek.

I believe that all humans were born innately good. [insert some appropriate Confucian quote] Only that some ppl somehow lose their conscience bit by bit along the way. As they grow older, they become jaded, selfish, revengeful etc, slowly losing sight of what is really important in life and what is wrong or right. It's not entirely their fault (although we are ultimately responsible for our destiny in life), as circumstances in life deemed that they do so just to survive.

However, I still hold on to the naive belief that if everyone would to do the best for everyone (theory = utilitarianism), the world would be a so much better place. Most ppl would argue that not all ppl go about life by that concept, so that theory would not hold water as someone you are good to might backstab you in the end. True. Some would say that that theory is rather hard to achieve. True again.

But there is no harm in starting from the very smallest level. Your very own self.

What are the oceans made up of? Many small droplets of water that all come together to be one united entity. [Mother Teresa said smtg to that effect in some quote, but I've kinda forgotten what exactly is the quote. So I made up my own lo. Hehe.]

Anyway, what it means is that a great change is brought about by many little changes. And we ourselves as individuals hvta change first before we can expect the change to be noticeable. Feel strongly about something? Start by doing smtg about it NOW!

The quote below is a good one for us to rmb. I'll try to live my life by it.

"I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all."

By: Leo C. Rosten

If we can make someone's burden a little lighter, we'd not have live in vain. By helping ppl, we are in way, helping ourselves. :)


Recently, I've discovered new adjectives that some ppl have used to describe me. To tell you the truth, I AM surprised when ppl say that I'm a nice person, a caring and good fren. Coz seriously, that thought never really occured to me before! :O

I've always tot that I must not be a very nice person (due to some failures in socializing in high sch, and mind you, at that time, I tot I was a nice person, ironic isn't it?!).. I tot I must be hard to get along with [with respect to my inborn sarcastic-ness], I tot I was a selfish person, I tot I was insensitive to others, I tot I was too opinionated.... The list goes on.

But somehow along the way, things have changed. I dunno whether is it me, or is it the ppl around me. I guess I can say I'm much happier than last time, when I've found a group of frenz that accept me for what I am, who will not judge me, and most importantly, make me happy just by spending time with them. :)

Anyway, try not to judge ppl on how you PERCEIVE them to be. Everyone can be cranky sometimes. No one is perfect. I read somewhere: "Even angels are not perfect, they only pretend to be."

Give ppl a second chance. They might be trying hard to turn over a new leaf. Even if they have some rather undesirable qualities, it doesn't mean that the person is all bad. Surely there is some good in him/her after all.

Rmb the good, gloss over the bad. We are not perfect, we have our own flaws, even though others might not know about it.

A kind word said at the right moment can lead to wonders. You might have influenced the person in a good way that you can't begin to imagine. Spread the message of love~ :D

Oops, I digressed. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that compliments have its own share of magical properties.

When ppl say I'm a good person, it makes me wanna become a better person. It gives me determination to prove that the person was right. When someone say I genuinely care about ppl (even though it might just be a fleeting gesture), it makes me wanna really care more. Rmb, it's the little things in life that really matters. When one says I'm a nice person, it makes me want to be a nicer person. I'm not kidding about this chain-reaction sort of feeling. It's an inspirational sort of thing. ^o^

So why not give someone that deserves a compliment today? It doesn't need a lot of effort, and it would probably give some amazing results. :D

Recommended listening for this post:- "Heal The World" by Michael Jackson.

Was just flipping thru today's papers when a photo caught my eye. The man in the photo look very familiar, so I looked at the caption. Lo behold, it is him! Haha. Dunno what I'm talking about? Go check out today's News Strait Times - Life & Times Section - Pg 66 & 67 - for Paul Jambu's handsome picture. Hehehe... Or click here for the article minus the photo tho. :P Enjoy~

PPS: Listening to happy songs at the moment. I definitely feel better. Maybe it isn't as bad I tot after all. *phew!* But I can't say for sure how long will this good feeling last. My emotions recently went to the playground and started to play with the "swings" and the "see-saw". Haha. Lame analogy! Whatever. Byez! :)


Ah Pei said...

good though..made me wonder for a moment...i guess you are right..little things matter..

Zzzyun said...

Yeah, they do. :) If my post can spread awareness, then I've done some good after all. hehe...

Shea Speare said...

Don't go say yourself so bad la. Of course you are a good friend of mine and everyone.

Hey, i think i got one hater for sheaspeare.blogspot.com.

Zzzyun said...

oh. thks for the vote of confidence! :D :D

well, i do hope that i can be a good fren to those i know.. but impossible kua, coz im only just human. haha.. but i'll try my best. :)

hater? i'll go check it out! lol.