Friday, August 04, 2006

Yet Again I Rambled

And yet again another late night. I'm hopeless when it comes to disciplining myself. >.< Damn tired ade still wanna online. Sienz.

Nothing interesting to report today except that some uni frenz are coming to penang tmr! Yayz~! They are mostly my aikido frenz, and plus some peeps that dunno come from where. Hehe.

No lah, wanna know how we formed our gang? I also not sure.

But smtg like this lah. Mostly aikido peeps, then their frenz, housemates, orientation group mates... all pull in lo. And thus our gang was formed. :)

Playing PS2 gang + pergi yumcha gang + crap a lot gang... lol. Pity some couldn't make it lo. Aikz.

Well, probably no updates the next few days coz I'll be too busy enjoying myself! Hehe.

So miss me ah, peeps. lol. Tataz! ^v^

PS: Dunno what I am crapping here. Sorry okie, blame it on the back ache (bad posture while using laptop, blek) and tiredness.. Okay, dreamland, here I come! :P

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